The Inspection Process

The process begins once the request has been received through our website or customer service center.  Once we have the location of the vehicle, a certified Tire Kickers inspector is immediately dispatched to perform the inspection. The inspection begins with the collection of some general information such as the year, manufacturer, model VIN number and mileage.  This information is vital when establishing value.  It also allows us to verify that the information collected is accurate.  Throughout the inspection you may notice our inspector taking pictures.  This is done to provide any visual evidence that may arise.

The evaluation of the overall safety of the vehicle is the next step.  During this phase of the inspection a series of items such as headlights, turn signals, glass, and most importantly tires are evaluated.  If the vehicle fails this section of the inspection, the interested buyer is advised and asked if they want to proceed.  If they elect to proceed then the inspection moves onto the next section.  If however, they decide that based on the results of the safety inspection that they are no longer interested in pursuing the purchase of the vehicle, they will receive a refund in the amount of the difference of the inspection ordered and the one performed.

Once the safety portion of the inspection has been completed, the inspector will begin the next phase which evaluates the overall condition of the exterior of the vehicle.  It’s during this stage where paint flaws and dents as well as any other conditions that may be present are noted.

Once the exterior has been inspected we move into the interior.  The interior inspection checks all the options, electronics, climate controls and gauges to make sure they are functioning correctly.  The condition of the seats, carpet and dashboard are also evaluated.

The final phase of the inspection involves the test drive of the automobile by one of our highly trained inspectors.  This one of the most critical components of the whole inspection.  It is during this phase that breaking, acceleration and overall engine performance is evaluated and scored.

By the time this phase has been completed we have now invested about an hour into the evaluation of your next automobile.  While the inspection may appear complete it is far from over.  The inspector now remotely sends his findings and photos into our processing facility.  Once there one of our processors use highly sophisticated algorithms to analyze the data accumulated over the course of the inspection.  The results give us the information necessary to establish a fair market value. Upon completion all the data and photos are compiled into a Tire Kickers report.  For your convenience and upon your request, additional copies of this report can also be emailed to your lender and insurance agent.

Your Tire Kickers report will help you determine if this vehicle still meets your needs.  It will give you leverage to better negotiate with the dealer on price.  But most importantly, it will give you peace of mind.

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