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Issue #1
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What’s ahead in this issue?
1) This one little known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse!
2) In The Spotlight: An Interview with the owner of Tire Kickers
3) 1 minute habit that could save a life
4) Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think


The Kicker_whiteAbout our Sponsor:

Some companies make money finding you cars, some make money financing you, there’re even companies that make car shopping simple and fast, but Tire Kickers is uniquely different. As the premiere independent (3rd party) inspection company, Tire Kickers works for you, providing the information you need to decide with confidence.

“I always took my dad car shopping with me, but he passed away in 2003. Before finding Tire Kickers I dreaded having to replace a vehicle. I’d like to think I could avoid a lemon on my own but…Thanks for being in my corner, Tire Kickers!”

-Andy B. of Vancouver.

Tire Kickers will help by establishing a more accurate value of a vehicle before you buy it. Even more important, they’ll help you know the car you’re considering is safe for you and your family to ride in. When it comes to getting what you pay for with your next vehicle, ignorance is not bliss. For more information check out

Impared Driving


Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think!

Recently, a section of Andreson Road not far from our office was closed due to an accident. This accident resulted from a driver so impaired that other drivers spotted him/her on the 205 freeway and followed while reporting concerns to 911. After exiting the freeway, the erratic driving continued as the car approached a construction site. Drivers honked their horns, attempting to alert workers, but one worker was struck and killed.

This is a tragic tale and an important reminder for all of us as we head into to holiday season. Obviously don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking, but really—what else can be done? The first key is planning ahead.

Be sure that your group of celebrators designates someone to remain sober even if you’re partying at home. Make sure that every party guest knows this person is in charge. If you don’t take keys from everyone, make certain the sober host says goodbye to each person who’s leaving. Have a budget for taking a cab home whenever you go somewhere alcohol is served.

But alcohol is not the only thing that can impair driving. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Lack of sleep is a serious concern. Distractions such as children, radio and cell phones kill nine people a day in the US, according to the CDC. Even driving in an extreme emotional state can be dangerous. Be sure you’re truly good to go before you start your car.

The second key is empowerment: The single most important step to reducing impaired driving accidents is taking it upon yourself to have the uncomfortable conversation with someone who’s driving that might be impaired. Simply offering an alternative like sleeping over, riding with a friend, or calling a cab can save a life. If you’re not comfortable with confrontation that’s great because you don’t need to be—keep it light but firm. Frame your questions as though you’re offering to do a favor. Offer more than once, and be willing to steal keys when someone is in the rest room. They’ll usually assume the keys are lost and start looking for another way home. Causing a scene won’t prevent drunk driving, but offering an alternative does.

Every 51 minutes someone is killed by impaired driving—never get in a car with someone who’s been drinking!

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