The Kicker Issue #1: One Minute Life Saving Habit

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Welcome to The Kicker
Issue #1
Welcome to “The Kicker,” a vehicle owner’s newsletter sponsored by Tire Kickers, the premier independent 3rd party inspection service. If you own something with two, three, or four wheels and a motor read on to learn important information you’ll find interesting. The Kicker comes to you monthly free of charge and chock full of information on the topics of interest to anyone who likes, owns, or operates a vehicle. The Kicker is fully compliant with Can Spam standards and if at any time you decide you’re not interested you’ll find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each issue.

What’s ahead in this issue?
1) This one little known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse!
2) In The Spotlight: An Interview with the owner of Tire Kickers
3) 1 minute habit that could save a life
4) Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think


The Kicker_whiteAbout our Sponsor:

Some companies make money finding you cars, some make money financing you, there’re even companies that make car shopping simple and fast, but Tire Kickers is uniquely different. As the premiere independent (3rd party) inspection company, Tire Kickers works for you, providing the information you need to decide with confidence.

“I always took my dad car shopping with me, but he passed away in 2003. Before finding Tire Kickers I dreaded having to replace a vehicle. I’d like to think I could avoid a lemon on my own but…Thanks for being in my corner, Tire Kickers!”

-Andy B. of Vancouver.

Tire Kickers will help by establishing a more accurate value of a vehicle before you buy it. Even more important, they’ll help you know the car you’re considering is safe for you and your family to ride in. When it comes to getting what you pay for with your next vehicle, ignorance is not bliss. For more information check out


1 Minute Habit that could save your life

What do pilots do pre-flight that makes flying so much safer than driving? I know we all ignored this advice in Drivers Ed, but a fast pre-drive inspection can catch potential problems that would otherwise leave you stranded alongside the road or worse. How detailed you need to be depends on the situation.

No matter how short your trip you should always do the following:

  • Check the back seat to make sure no one is hiding there.
  • Walk 360 degrees around your car and visually verify that your tires have no visible damage and adequate tread.
  • Bend down and look for fluid on the ground that could indicate a leak.
  • Once inside, check your visibility. Are the windows free of cracks? Are the mirrors set correctly?
  • Upon starting your car. Check your gauges.
  • Before shifting into gear, have you secured anything that might shift during transit? Has everyone put their seat belts on?

In addition to the above pre-drive habit, before a trip:

  • Check your fluids, wiper fluids, radiator coolant, brake & transmission. A complete list should be in your owner’s manual.
  • Check the sticker in your window to verify that you don’t need an oil change.
  • Consider having your battery tested, especially in winter.
  • Check your cabin air filter. Often you can simply bang debris out by hitting it on the palm of your hand. Then check how dark a gray it is. Remember it was bright white when installed and it’s cheap to replace.
  • Check your headlights and brights.
  • Have someone stand behind your car and verify that your brake and tail lights are working.
  • Inspect your windshield wiper blades for cracks or tares.
  • Make sure there aren’t any safety recalls on your vehicle (this information is readily available online or at a reputable mechanic or dealership)
  • Finally, locate your spare tire and make sure it’s inflated and that the jack works.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of The Kicker. Be sure to check out our sponsor’s website and social media at the links below for up to the minute information on vehicle safety and value, and occasional special offers.
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PS If the company you work for offers benefits have your HR department contact Tire Kickers to negotiate a special rate for you and your fellow employees.

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