The Kicker Issue #1: Little Known Fact that Could Save Your Life

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Issue #1
Welcome to “The Kicker,” a vehicle owner’s newsletter sponsored by Tire Kickers, the premier independent 3rd party inspection service. If you own something with two, three, or four wheels and a motor read on to learn important information you’ll find interesting. The Kicker comes to you monthly free of charge and chock full of information on the topics of interest to anyone who likes, owns, or operates a vehicle. The Kicker is fully compliant with Can Spam standards and if at any time you decide you’re not interested you’ll find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each issue.

What’s ahead in this issue?
1) This one little known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse!
2) In The Spotlight: An Interview with the owner of Tire Kickers
3) 1 minute habit that could save a life
4) Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think


The Kicker_whiteAbout our Sponsor:

Some companies make money finding you cars, some make money financing you, there’re even companies that make car shopping simple and fast, but Tire Kickers is uniquely different. As the premiere independent (3rd party) inspection company, Tire Kickers works for you, providing the information you need to decide with confidence.

“I always took my dad car shopping with me, but he passed away in 2003. Before finding Tire Kickers I dreaded having to replace a vehicle. I’d like to think I could avoid a lemon on my own but…Thanks for being in my corner, Tire Kickers!”

-Andy B. of Vancouver.

Tire Kickers will help by establishing a more accurate value of a vehicle before you buy it. Even more important, they’ll help you know the car you’re considering is safe for you and your family to ride in. When it comes to getting what you pay for with your next vehicle, ignorance is not bliss. For more information check out


Tire rack

This one little-known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse!

Did you know…
Rubber starts degrading from the time that it’s manufactured?

Like most things you buy in the grocery store, your tires are losing lifespan even as they sit on the shelf in a tire shop waiting to be purchased by you. After only a few years, tires should be recycled. That’s right, even if you don’t drive much your tires won’t last forever. In fact they may have been old when you bought them new.

The problem…
There are very few marketable uses for worn out tires.

One reason you can find such a wide range of prices on tires is that unsold new tires from quality stores get wholesaled out to discount stores. In Japan, it’s illegal to sell tires more than 6 years old. So what happens to those tires? They’re sent to the US where no such regulations exist.
According to most car manufacturers, any tire over six years old should be replaced even if it still has plenty of tread on it.

How can you know how old your tire is? All tire manufacturers stamp the date they were made on each tire they make, but they don’t make it easy on you. Instead of a simple date, they use a 4 digit code, usually on the sidewall of your tire, not always facing out.

Tire Age
Here are three ways to check the age/ safety of your tires.

1. Have your car inspected by a reputable independent inspection service.

2. Ask your tire store the age the next time you go in for a repair or service.

3. Look at your tire’s sidewall and find the string of text beginning with “DOT”, the last 4 digits in the string correspond to the date the tire was manufactured.
(The first 2 numbers are the week, the second 2 are the year)

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