Tire Kickers at Hackomotive

  1. Every year Edmonds.com sponsors Hackomotive, an event where auto industry innovators compete before a live audience of industry professionals and investors. Think “Shark Tank” of the automotive industry. In Hackomotive 2014, Tire Kickers competed in a tight field of outside the box thinkers, and won the hearts of the test audience (32 of whom were ready to buy a car) assembled by Edmonds. See plate below.

    Hackomotive scores

    After seeing the presentation by the Tire Kickers team, 80% of the test audience said they would use Tire Kickers before purchasing a used car. That means, based on the 43 million1 used cars that were sold in the US in 2014, demand for a Tire Kickers inspection is 34.4 million cars.

    Tire Kickers is very proud of their performance at Hackomotive 2014 and excited by the opportunity to change how cars are bought and sold.

    Look for more articles that detail how Tire Kickers will revolutionize the car industry coming soon to The Kicker.


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