Tire Kickers: The plan to train and employ 18,000 returning veterans

  1. In the ten years since the US entered Iraq 2.5 million service men and woman have been deployed to the Middle East, many were deployed multiple times (400,000 of which have served three or more tours)1. 1.6 million of these military personnel have transitioned back to civilian life, but the transition is not always a smooth one.Tire Kickers is Veteran owned and employs returning veterans as inspectors, but can they do more? The answer is yes. Currently, 40% of Tire Kickers inspectors are veterans and they intend increase that percentage to 80% as Tire Kickers goes nationwide.

    The Demand:

    With 43 million used cars sold each year in the US, and a single inspector able to inspect six to eight cars a day, the total demand for inspectors is over 20,600. Realistically, Tire Kickers might not inspect all of the cars for sale, but based on the 80% response at Hackomotive 2014, Tire Kickers feels they could need over 16,500 inspectors.

    In order to fill those positions with veterans, Tire Kickers has developed a 40 hour training course which it plans to offer to veterans at cost. This training prepares an inspector to standards much higher than standard mechanical certification. If Tire Kickers can secure a government grant to offset those training costs for veterans, training could be free.

    Lobbying for the cause:

    Tire Kickers is actively writing state governments across America to encourage them to get on board with us. If all 50 states required third party inspection the training received at Tire Kickers could employ a full 20,000 veterans at a better than living wage. Car inspection also has built in opportunities for partially disabled veterans such as the ability to work part time or set their own schedule.

    The thing about Tire Kickers is that they don’t have to personally employ every auto inspector in America in order to throw themselves into making this happen. They are so passionate about creating a world in which every vehicle rolling down the road has been safety checked, every auto buyer pays what a vehicle is really worth based on current condition, and as many transitioning veterans have employment that they are willing to virtually create this industry from the ground up.

    Can Tire Kickers get 20,000 veterans better than living wage careers? I wouldn’t bet against them.

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