Employing Veterans

The Kicker planned a quick update last memorial day, just to give a nod to the courageous men and women who serve us in uniform. We spoke recently with Duane Moore of Tire Kickers. Duane spearheads Tire Kickers plans to hire 20,000 veterans. The Kicker has previously talked about the plan to hire 18,000 veterans in this post.

For the plan to work two things need to happen. First Tire Kickers would need to go nation-wide. Tire Kickers is in the process of expanding it’s operation in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, California and Virginia. The need for ride share vehicle inspections has spurred a ton of growth for Tire Kickers. Duane anticipates the rate of growth to increase.

The second thing that would allow the plan to execute quickly, is for state and federal government to mandate car inspection when used cars are sold. Right now many dealerships voluntarily inspect the vehicles they intend to sell, which helps them not be personally responsible for the sale of unsafe vehicles. Where it falls short is when failing cars are resold at auction where less reputable dealer does sell the car. The other issue with allowing dealers to perform there own inspections is the inherent conflict of interest for any inspection employed by a dealer. It simply is not the final responsibility of a seller to verify the condition of a vehicle. It’s the buyers right and responsibility.

If all fifty states were to enact laws that required buyers to have a vehicle independently inspected, then lenders would begin to absorb that cost in the vehicle financing, and unsafe cars would be screened out of the market. From a consumer standpoint, car buyers would enjoy the benefit of full disclosure. Problems with a vehicle would come out, pre-purchase and the cost and responsibility of repair could be negotiated during purchase.

The awesome side effect of these laws would be that companies like Tire Kickers could employ returning veterans at a living wage, by the thousands. It’s time for America to do all that can be done to improve things for returning veterans. Or, as President Obama wrote to Duane, “As a country, we have the best-led, best-trained, and best-equipped military in the world. We must devote just as much energy and passion to making sure we have the best-cared for, best-treated, and best-respected veterans in the world. We all benefit from their efforts to build a stronger America and a brighter future for our kids–our commitment to them must match their service and sacrifice.”

President Obama completed his email with, “There’s more to do, and we’re going to have to work even harder. As Commander in Chief, I will keep striving to ensure we serve our veterans and their families as well as they served us.”

At The Kicker, we’ll be holding you to that, Mr. President.

You can learn more about current developments in Veteran Affairs at www.whitehouse.gov/Veterans, www,JoinForces.gov, and www.VA.gov, or by calling 1-800-827-1000.