Self-Driving Cars: Rebuttal & Update Coming…

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By far our most controversial post last month was our op-ed about self-driving cars. As our staff pulls together an awesome newsletter for next Friday we wanted to post a quick update to reassure the reader that we’re definitely writing a follow-up. We’ve heard from owners and fans alike and invited public comment from all. We’re currently seeking out some owners of self-driving models to interview for a rock solid, balanced article.

So if you have a vehicle that drives itself please send us a picture of it (you with it is even better), and we’ll send you some interview questions. It’s that simple.

Current list of Autonomous Cars: 
Telsa Model S,
BMW 750i,
Infiniti Q50S,
Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Or if you worked with one of the pioneers of the technology:
Volvo –
Audi TTS – Stanford University & Volkswagen
Lexus RX 450 – Google
Daimler –

We’d also like to hear from semi-autonomous car owners, like the Subaru

We’ve also seen a couple people who didn’t think we went far enough. They’re coming at the issue the way people say we can’t so math anymore because of calculators and we can’t spell because of spell check. Heck Plato complained that writing would so degrade memory that it would damage our ability to learn. I don’t think anyone has really studied this, but it stands to reason that in an era where distracted driving is practically a hobby we might be rewarding the lazy.

At the same time, proponents argue that driving fatigue, especially in stop-and-go freeway traffic is only human and the best of drivers can zone out on a three-our commute home after an eight hour day.

Rest assured we’re working on this update, but we really want your input on this topic. Please contact us here or on our facebook page.

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**Yes I know Tesla is the only really “self-driving” car since the others require you to touch the steering wheel every 3 to 12 seconds. Clearly, that feature is an attempt to comply with legal standards in the 49 states that aren’t Arizona.

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