Top Car Trends and Tech that will Leave Car Lovers in a Frenzy

by Ezekiel Gacee

Automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle

Autonomous cars won’t last for long with such a developing world where new technologies are being introduced each day and as the world continues to be a globalized sphere. The Automakers are consistently trying to reimagine the future of their work. We have seen the Google self-driving vehicle and Ford also announced that the most updated iteration of a self-driving vehicle will be ready for the road by 2021.

While there is no shortage of semi-autonomous vehicles coming out continuously, you shouldn’t feel that behind the game. They haven’t really made a car that drives itself, yet. However, there is a litany of driver-assist technologies that could propel you a step toward a hands-free future. We have heard of the sensors that activate when you drive too close to the line, adaptive cruise technology that adjusts your speed automatically and even rear view cameras that are joined by both side-view and aerial view cameras. But the world is moving pretty fast and thanks to new adaptable technologies it’s getting harder every year to wreck your car.

New Innovative Designs – Crossovers on Steroids

It looks something closer to the SUV but drives like a car, well that is a crossover. This is a term referred to vehicles that are built on car frames with design features, versatility, and functionality similar to the sport-utility vehicles like the Honda CR-V.

Ezekial_Top Car_2018-volkswagen-atlasThe crossovers might have discovered how to provide fuel efficiency and performance with SUV style, but they’ve fallen short of providing SUV space, which is a value to the modern family. If you want something bigger, the forthcoming Volkswagen 7-seater Atlas would do, Subaru’s Viziv-7 concept and Ford is also coming up with new solutions every day. The goal of these cars is to retain fuel economy and performance of the smaller car frame while providing needed capacity.

What’s Beyond the Car Phone?

Ezekial_Top Car_Subaru_s Viziv-7Well, automobiles are now coming with their own internet connections. The line between cell phone and the automobile is blurring more each day. Built in GPS is a no brainer but imagine your car needing its own data package and sharing preferences with your smart home. Near field technology allows puts your garage door up and down when your car drives near.

Customers on the platform can also get an opportunity to integrate their car with other devices more easily. Ford announced that some of its unique and new cars will be able to use Amazon Echo that will allow you to command your car to do things just by using your voice. This wired car will also allow for more data collection on drivers so that automakers can generate new design elements you didn’t know you needed.

Once your own car knows who you are, systems in the vehicles like the Chrysler Portal concept car would automatically adjust your seat to ensure maximum comfort, select a driving mode, and even suggest a destination based on owner’s past behaviors.Ezekial_Top Car_honda-neuv

Honda’s NeuV, the concept car has a large customizable LCD dashboard and a cloud-connected, onboard computer that uses artificial intelligence to interact with the drivers. Awesome, right?

Car to Car Communication

In 2020 new cars might be automated to even to communicate with each other to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities but with this, the automakers have to be careful enough to effectively safeguard this innovation from car hacking. (Editor’s note: We’ve discussed this tech in depth in this article.)


This is where technology is taking us- to a place where everything will be so easy to do and life will be more exciting to embrace. More work can be done at minimum effort and this is where car technology is headed.

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