By Pam Cowan
with Henry Chavez

Choosing a car is not just about finding one that will reliably get you from point A to point B. It’s also about finding an affordable vehicle that matches both your lifestyle and sense of style. I thought it would be fun to ask random drivers why they drive what they do. This month we’ll talk to Lori.

HC: Your daily driver is a full-sized 1996 Bronco. Would you share why you chose it?

Lori: Well, I sort of did and didn’t. My husband wanted a Bronco.

HC: Oh, so it’s his.

Lori: No. It’s mine. It’s just that he said he wanted one and when I saw Betty, that’s what I named her…when I saw her, sitting in a lot on my way to work, I thought she was just what he was looking for. It was Friday, so after work, I went in and asked to take her home for the weekend, so my husband could try her out. They said sure but they’d need his social security number. I called him and asked for it. I didn’t want to tell him why, since I wanted it to be a surprise, but he wouldn’t tell me over the phone. I was so mad.

HC: But you could understand his concerns?

Lori: [eyeroll] No. Not at that moment, I couldn’t. It was frustrating. I was trying to do him a favor and it was getting late, the place was closing. I’d already arranged to leave my car there for the weekend and had parked it on a back lot. I just felt like I wasn’t going to leave without that car.

HC: What did you do?

Lori: I bought it.

HC: You bought it?

Lori: Yes. I took it for a drive around the block and I loved it. I loved sitting up high and how solid it felt and yet how easy it was to park or turn because it was fairly short but wide-bodied and stable. I’ve always loved trucks but had been driving a car to save on gas. It felt right and I knew my husband would love it as much as I did. I decided to buy it then and there.

HC: So, you took it home that night.

Lori: I did. I even took the string of seashells that were hanging in my car and hung them from the rearview. I was going to tell my husband I’d bought it for me, get him good and jealous and then tell him it was actually his.

HC: I’m still confused. I thought you said it wasn’t his.

Lori: It’s not. You see, he did like it and he even drove it a couple days but one night he said that hanging those seashells in the Bronco was sort of like a dog marking its territory.

HC: Romantic.

Lori: [both laughing] You see what I have to put up with? But he was right, and when he asked if I’d rather keep it for myself I told him I did. I’ve been driving her for the past 12 years.

HC: Sounds like he really understood how much you liked Betty.

Lori: He did, and he still does. Just last week someone came to work on our furnace and told my husband that was a nice Bronco in the driveway. My husband told him it was his wife’s and he’d probably have to bury her in it.

HC: Sounds like a good way to end this interview. Thanks.

Pam_Why We Buy_Bronco

Photo similar to “Bronco Betty” thanks to Wikimedia commons.

The Ford Bronco is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV, predating the term SUV) manufactured and marketed by Ford from 1966 to 1996. Ford officially announced that the Bronco will be reintroduced in 2020.

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