by Greg Zschomler

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Sometimes a car is just a car, right?

Uh, that would be: no.

A car is never “just a car” (unless it’s a rental).

Our car is more than a mere vehicle for getting around. It is part of who you are; part of your identity—an extension of your personality and a reflection of your very nature. A car is that dear companion that faithfully propels you through life’s many adventures, like:

  • That long and, otherwise lonely, road trip back home to be with family for the holidays.
  • That romantic embrace atop “Blueberry Hill.”
  • That once-in-a-lifetime vacation across the States to a Disney Park.
  • That adrenaline fueled 4 a.m. trip through the ice and snow to the hospital for the birth of your baby.
  • That magical journey to a breathtaking vista where somehow God spoke to the very core of your soul.
  • That hoot of a night out with friends that seemed to take you beyond the point of laughter to a deep happy place you’ll treasure forever.

No, a car is not simply a car.

Our car is our work instrument, our dashboard diner, our get-away vehicle, our home away from home, our mobile storage unit, our respite from the elements, our rock-n-roll hoochie-koo, our personal isolation chamber, our friendly gathering place, our nap nook, our “cone of silence,” our “submarine race” observation station, our portable office and our haven of rest.

Our cars are our babies.Greg_cars are2

And when we treat them with love and respect, they’re good to us in return. We not only rely on them to get us where we’re going but to protect us and our family in the process. And when you put that kind of faith and trust in something, you also put a piece of your heart there.

Sure it’s nice to get a new car once in a while, but it’s hard to say goodbye to old “true blue,” too. We remember our first car like we remember our first kiss. (There are just things you can never forget.) But, like the people we love, cars often come into and move out of our lives for a variety of reasons. Still, they will forever hold a place in our lives. They are the markers of who we were, who we are, and even who we will become because they take us to new places, bring us back to times gone by, and serve us in the here and now.

And when “Betsy” one day departs for that “scrap yard in the sky” we will move on with a certain forlorn sorrow, fond memories and a forever longing to be reunited. When we see another like her our remembrances will be stirred, our hearts will flutter anew, and we will wistfully sigh and remark: “I used to have a car like that.” Old tales will ensue and they will tie us together because, after all…

…a car is NOT just a car.

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