Best Car Brands of 2017

By Ezekiel Gacee

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Best Car Brands to Look Out For In 2017

Vehicle manufacturers are coming up with great car design each passing day. There are all sorts of cars coming from Germany, USA, Japan, Britain and other manufacturing countries. Here at The Kicker, we’re agnostic when it comes to which car is superior. Every manufacturer has turned out a lemon (with the possible exception of Tesla who hasn’t been around long enough to do so.) “What’s a good car,” generally comes down to what you need it to do. In fact that one reason, we’re fans of pre-purchase inspection by companies like Tire Kickers. Because nothing out there will tell you the value of a particular car like having it inspected. You wouldn’t buy a house because other houses in the neighborhood were well built; you’d want to know the house you’re buying is solid before you buy. Getting a car inspected is more important that where you choose to buy your car from.

But we can report on what other car experts are saying based on their performance testing. Choosing among all the brands can be a daunting task. They are all advertising their brands as the best brands to consider investing in. This may help narrow it down.

But what actually makes a good car brand and what are the best car brands in the market today?

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Analysis Report

According to Consumer Reports analysis Audi is the best car brand for the year 2017. Audi has been performing well in the consumer report and it was, in fact, top of the list in 2016. In an analysis that looked at different brands consistency and their performance on different tracks and terrains, Porsche comes second while BMW, Lexus, and Subaru follow in that order. Most of these brands are consistent customer favorites for best brands for many years in a row as well.

Chrysler performed amazingly in the analysis by moving ranks and proving to be more consistent than other famous brands.  Acura, Infiniti, and Cadillac also are good cars to look out for in 2017. They performed well in ranking. Tesla is among the top performing American brands. Famous brands that have not been performing well in the list include Fiat, Jeep, Mitsubishi and Land Rover.

 Road Test

In addition to reliability, safety and owner satisfaction different models by famous brands were road tested. Every model tested for Porsche, BMW, and Mazda managed to rise in ranking. In overall recommendation by auto experts Audi, Honda and Hyundai were standing at 86 percent on the test.

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Reliability and new road tests make the different brands shift positions in the ranking. Some car brands, for instance, had superior cars in past years but in the new road test, they fail to prove their consistency. Such cars include Subaru Legacy and Outback which are now being rated average. Mini also fails to make the list of best cars in 2017 because clients viewed Cooper and Clubman as unreliable and therefore a poor performer.


For a brand to be considered best it must be consistent in reliability and meet the owner satisfaction. The overall score in terms of performance and also the road test score help to gauge each brands measure of reliability and performance. Audi performed excellently in reliability and owner satisfaction. In the road test, the brand was high with an impressive 86 percent score and an overall score of 81 percent.

In a summary the best car brands of 2017 based on their overall score on performance, reliability and road-tests are; Audi (81), Porsche (77), BMW (77), Lexus (77), Subaru (74), KIA (74), Mazda(73 ), Tesla (73), Honda (72) and Buick (72). The below the list are Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Jeep and Fiat which performed poorly on reliability.

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