Car Hack Series: Part 1

Welcome to a new series for the Kicker. A lot of our readers are professional drives, including TNC drivers (people who drive for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft). We’ll do our best to post more information that’s of interest to this segment of our audience from now on. We’re also excited to introduce our first video blog, or Vlog, and with it one of our newest staff contributors, Mike. We hope you take a moment and follow his social media for what he’s up to even when he’s not hacking and reviewing accessories for the Kicker Blog.

Welcome, Mike!

Our staff tried to review a number of car accessories but we kept being distracted by the fact that almost everything used suction cups and almost nothing in a car made after 1989 has much flat space that can support a suction cup. So rather than gripe about it ourselves, we thought you’d be more entertained by watching Mike and the solution he came up with to hacking your own accessory support.

Parts List for this Hack:

  • GPS sand weighted holder
  • Steel strength plumbers epoxy
  • petroleum jelly
  • A selfie stick

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