Focus on Mustangs: (part 1) Choosing a Convertible or Hardtop

Mehta_Mutang Convertable

by Jessica Mehta

The wind in your hair, sun shining down, and a favorite song blaring on the radio – what’s better than that? Of course, for others it’s the worry of a sudden downpour and forgetting to put the top up that is always at the forefront of their mind. Choosing a convertible or hardtop Pony has been a tough decision ever since the first convertible was released just a few months after the “1964 ½ Mustang” was born. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to pick one over the other – like every other important decision in life, it’s all up to you.

The Pros…and Cons

Depending on what year of Mustang you’re looking at, you might get to choose between a soft top and hardtop convertible. Ford Mustang parts vary in price, but overall a hard top convertible will be more expensive to repair or replace than a soft top. On the other hand, some people prefer the looks and “sturdiness” of a hard top convertible regardless of price.

It’s also important to consider where you live – particularly the weather. If it’s raining most of the year or exceptionally cold, a convertible might not be the best bet. However, practicality and Mustangs don’t always go hand in hand, which can be a great thing for adventurous spirits. There is a price difference between “regular” Mustangs and convertibles. Do you think the difference is worth those sunny days with the top down?Mehta_Mustang convertable

Dwindling Selection

Another very important consideration is just what model of Mustang you’re interested in. Not all models come with a convertible option. For example, there’s no Mach 1 Mustang convertible. Many Pony experts are well-versed on which come with a topless option, but for “new to the herd” fans this can be a surprise. What’s more important? Having a specific model that may not have a convertible option or having a convertible? This can drastically narrow down the possibilities.

Increase the Pony’s Life Expectancy

Knowing how to properly maintain a convertible top, and other key Mustang accessories, can increase a part’s lifespan and save you money. Older models may have a plastic rearview window, which doesn’t fare well in sunlight. Invest in a little cleaning and protecting materials like a vinyl window cleaner, convertible top cleaner and protectant, and take the time to cover the Pony every time it is parked. For quick trips around town, try to park in the shade even if the extra walk is inconvenient.

The Little Details

Weighed the pros and cons? Checked the average sunny days in your area? There are still a couple of things to consider. Test drive a convertible, preferably for at least a few miles on the highway, to see if owning a convertible is what you imagine. It might be heaven on earth – or it might make you quickly change your mind. Go on a test drive with an open mind and zero expectations to see what’s the best fit for you.

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