Focus on Mustangs: (part 2) Chrome and Trim



The picture above has zero chrome…


by Jessica Mehta

Much like the magpie, there’s just something we love about shiny things. Modding your Pony with custom parts like the right chrome piece or trim can make a big statement with a relatively small investment. However much chrome you like – or don’t – is a fully personal preference. You can go all out or just add a little touch here and there. No matter how much you like to indulge, one thing is certain – chrome keeps all eyes on your ride.

The Surprising Places

Mehta_Mustang Chrome

Chrome rims are a staple. However, there are seemingly endless possibilities that will add a surprising dash of shine. Chrome mirror covers and door handles are one option that isn’t seen often. Remember that sometimes less is more. These little touches are just enough to make people double take without completely blinding those you share the road with on a sunny day.

A chrome gas cap is another option. If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to commit to a big piece, slowly adding these touches are a great way to transition. The other great aspect of smaller pieces is price. It’s very easy to find small chrome pieces for under $100. That’s a nice price tag to test out if you and chrome are a perfect match.

Step It Up

Mehta_Mustang Chrome2

So, chrome’s for you? Or maybe you knew it all along. Almost every part of your stang can be modified with chrome or stainless steel. Upgrading Mustang accessories like door sills is a great way to add a bigger slice of shine into your life. Car show regulars might also be interested in decking out what’s under the hood. Investing in a stainless steel firewall is no longer just for hot rodders. You can opt to replace the entire firewall in steel or choose a false firewall cover to give the same look for a fraction of the price.

Is it Back in Style?

Chrome and steel is a personal preference. Timeless things never go out of style. There will always be people who adore a ride dripping in chrome and others who don’t want to change the factory design of a vehicle. The good news is that chrome isn’t a trend. There’s no worry about whether the style will be “out” in a year or two.

Mehta_Mustang Chrome3

Does it Last?

Replacing parts with chrome or steel can actually help extend the life of that particular part. Chrome is durable, long-lasting, scratch resistant, and easy to buff if a scrape does happen. Unlike a traditional paint job, a minor scratch is usually not noticeable to the naked eye. This is particularly helpful on parts that are prone to damage like exterior handles and side mirrors that don’t fare well in busy parking lots.

Metha_Mustang Chrome 5

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