Mustang Shift Knobs


It’s time for another Mustang Monday where an expert discusses how to trick out your pony. Are we only interested in Mustangs? NOPE. If you own another type of fast car that people love to makeover in their own image and you’d like to write us a set of posts we’d love to use them. In the meantime, most of the advice we get from our award-winning writer/Mustang enthusiast applies pretty much to any classy sports car. Enjoy, and thank you for your contributions, Jen.

Custom Shift Knobs

It’s understandable, really. That dream car is perfect – but just a little more customization would make the machine truly yours. The right Ford Mustang parts personalize your Pony and sometimes provide an injection of power. Where to start? Many aficionados begin with some upgraded engine work, performance tires, or exhaust systems. However, one of the most standout ways to make a difference is with one of the smaller Mustang accessories: the shift knob.

There are two types of people who have a hankering for a custom knob – those who are tricking out a fully modded ride, and those who are looking for a simple (and affordable) way to change things up. The good news is that no matter which camp you fall into, this is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to make a statement.

Picking the Pattern

Whether you’re a four-speed, five-speed, or six-speed driver there’s a custom shift knob out there for you. The choices might seem overwhelming. Design, pattern, color, material – where to start? Maybe you already have an idea in mind of what type of shift know you want (and in that case, it may take a little digging). Maybe you’re open for whatever strikes your fancy. There are thousands of colors and options available. Think about what complements the rest of the machine.

Do you want something that blends in with the interior? Black on black interiors will go with a black knob great – but a bright red one can really make it pop. What’s your opinion on rally stripes? It’s important to always keep in mind your particular Pony when shopping around and not develop tunnel vision.Mehta_Mustang Shift knobs.jpg

How Much is This Going to Cost?

The answer is however much you want to spend. It’s possible that the perfect shift knob costs $20. It also might cost a couple of hundred. There are some insanely expensive luxury options out there touting precious metals and gems if you happen to be Li’l Wayne. The only limits are your imagination (well, and your pocketbook).

The good news is that, unless you have incredibly luxurious taste, this will likely be one of the least expensive accessories you purchase. Much like a necklace that graces a woman’s collarbone, custom shift knobs are a conversation piece. They’re your piece of flair. What do you want it to say about the car – and you?

Keep in Mind

Your hand is going to be all over the custom shift knob. What’s on your hand, anyway? Makeup, sunblock, grease, lotion, charcoal – the list is endless. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead, it’s important to consider which color and material is sensible. A woman with beauty products lingering on her fingertips or someone who works with their hands is going to have trouble keeping a light colored or porous material clean. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t have a white phone, you probably shouldn’t have a white shift knob.


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