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Introduction by A. R. Bunch, content provided by J. Mehta
The picture above is not a vehicle covered in this post.

We’d like to cover more on these cool vehicles even though they aren’t really road legal. They’re used for a number of purposes from hauling home your kill when hunting, to hauling your tired bones around a golf course or even hauling a case of beer out to your winter ice-fishing shack on the lake.  However, you use it they’re fun. They’re the main mode of transportation on Catalina Island.

In the post below, one of our awesome writers takes a look at three possibilities you might look at if you’re in the market. Sadly we can’t get rights to pictures of them yet.

Comparing Utility Vehicles

When shopping for utility vehicles, you might have trouble deciding between the CarryAll 300, 500 and 700, and for good reason. All three are fantastically durable and efficient machines, adept at navigating terrains in tough conditions. Especially at the end of summer when business owners and homeowners alike are scrambling to take care of end of season yard work and prep for cooler weather, you want to make sure your utility vehicle investment best fits your needs.

Another great option is considering used utility vehicles that are gently loved, boast a lower price tag, and still come with a guarantee of excellence from the dealer (and sometimes a remaining manufacturer’s warranty). Budget-minded shoppers can find a steal when shopping used, but the CarryAll series also offers some fairly priced vehicles that will quickly pay for themselves hauling yard debris, carrying your landscaping tools, and serving as your hardworking assistant no matter what outdoor task you have.

CarryAll 300

“It can carry the load,” says the manufacturer, and it’s known for durability and sheer muscle. It’s an economical yet dependable choice with a rustproof aluminum frame, cargo box and chassis. Choose between a Subaru 404c gas engine or 48-volt Excel electric powertrain. With rack and pinion steering, it’s a joy to drive and can haul up to 800 pounds thanks to a generous flatbed box and bed options.

The new model features re-worked hip restraints for comfort and contoured seats in the cockpit for a roomier interior. Getting in and out is easy, and with the Subaru option, you get a horsepower jolt of over 30 percent and better fuel efficiency than ever. The VersAttach bed system is crafted to carry accessories like the bed attachment to keep lawn tools secure.

CarryAll 500

Carry even more with this utility vehicle that can haul up to 1,200 pounds in a bigger pickup bed with all the bells and whistles of the 300 series (and more). With the electronic fuel injection engine, you’ll enjoy fuel efficiency that’s nearly 50 percent better than earlier gas engines. A limited slip differential option features 14 horsepower Subaru engines with EFI, so you have more traction and can handle areas normally earmarked for 4x4s.

CarryAll 700

For the ultimate in hauling and power, only the 700 will do, replacing trucks for yard work in many cases. Configured just for you with maximum loading and cargo space, it’s six feet long and features a custom van box and cab. An economical cousin to a pickup, many medical services prefer it because it can carry two people and an impressive amount of gear.

Each of these series also comes with sub-series so you can cherry pick the options, power, and features you prefer. For tough jobs and when you need to “carry it all,” select the proven utility vehicle that can get the job done.

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