Mustang Mondays – Lighting Options


Latest Lighting Options

Interior decorators will tell you that lighting can make the difference between a home and a house. A little mood lighting can go a long way and is one of the best ways homes reflect the character of the owner. Great news – homes no longer have a corner on that market. Beginning with later models in the “aughts,” key Ford Mustang parts now include custom lighting. Everything from headlights to third brake lights is one more thing for Pony pros to think about.

A Blaze of Glory

The color of your aura or chakra might be dismissed as hippie talk, but let’s be real – a glowing blue power machine sends a very different message than a fire red. Bulb covers come in a variety of colors to give your Pony style and more oomph. The best part is that installing a bulb cover is very affordable (often in the $5 range) and easy to swap out so you can change the color depending on mood or occasion. A more permanent option is a LED replacement bulb for not much extra.

Keep it Legal

Make sure you check with local and state police regulations when it comes to modifying lighting. Some precincts and states do not allow certain hues. Avoid any trouble down the road with a simple online search. However, one of the most common no-no’s is blue lights because of the similarity to police lights. If that’s the case, you’re still in luck – there are plenty of other options like red, green, or yellow. It might just be the excuse you need to heat up your ride with a fierier shade.

That Third Point

Some coupes come with that tell-tale third headlight. However, it might also be an add-on option for those who like the look. This additional red bar on the top of the rear window provides added visibility – not to mention a sleek look. Third light burned out? This is a very inexpensive fix at around $50.

It’s MyColor!brush-2915732_1920

Beginning in 2005, MyColor was introduced for Ford. Never before have Mustang accessories been so easily customized. The Delphi system allows drivers to control interior light “color themes.” Need some ideas on which are most popular? Option 555 is a clear, bright white which is a great option for driving at night. Selecting 512 will give you a brighter teal color which is a little jazzier than the default blue. Some people go with 111, which is a calming gray that gives the visibility of 555 but with less glare. There are 127 combinations in total, so get to experimenting. Feel like you’re in a completely different ride – with the same power that you’re used to – by switching it up.


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