Are you Greenlighting Car Theft?

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How You’re Green Lighting Car Theft

You’re faced with quite the conundrum when you have a souped-up or luxury car. You want to show it off, but doing so also tempts car thieves and jealous vandals. How can you sit on the fence between enjoying your ride and protecting it? It’s important to know the siren’s calls that criminals just can’t resist so you can avoid them.

I spent one-year researching car theft around the country for an insurance agency. I learned more about what makes a grand theft auto pro tick than I ever imagined possible. Just like any industry, you need to know your audience to be successful. In this case, your audience is the slew of would-be criminals.

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Showboating Leads to Trouble

A gorgeous car that’s left uncovered and seemingly alone is irresistible. Always garage your car when you’re home, and black out the windows of the garage or install curtains to keep people from peeking. Garage locking systems are often very easy to break into. Consider installing a little extra security to protect your ride.

A car that’s left visible with a cover is letting everyone know that something valuable is under there. When you can’t garage your car, don’t draw attention to it by covering it up. People are curious, and they might be more inclined to check out what’s under there if you keep it hidden. You need to think like a thief and treat your car accordingly.

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Where You Park Matters

You might be inclined to park as far away from other cars as possible when you’re in a parking lot. That shady spot in the corner might even help your car avoid sun damage. That’s possible, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be parked long enough for much damage to happen. Theft and vandalism happen in parking lots, so don’t think you’re safe just because you’re in public.

You still want to avoid nicks from shopping carts, so park a few lanes away from the traffic but in a highly visible area. If it’s dark, park near a light if that’s possible. Your best defense against accidental nicks is a good parking job. Don’t take up too much room and make sure you pull all the way into the spot.

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Don’t Tempt the Thieves

Most cars are stolen, or items are stolen from inside cars, because they’re unlocked. This seems obvious, but always lock up your car. Remove stereo faceplates and never leave any bags or items on the seat. Even if you don’t think the item looks valuable (like your coat), it might seem otherwise to a thief.

It’s unfortunate that you have to worry about someone stealing or vandalizing your car. However, that’s the risk you take when you have a stunning vehicle. Take precautions to keep your car as safe as possible. Just a little effort can deter a thief to move onto greener pastures.


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