Stop! With the Right Brakes

White Mustang

Replacing your vehicle’s parts is critical, but perhaps none so much as the brake system. This is one part of your Pony where you don’t want to skimp on quality. Unlike high-performance tires, factory brakes are good but not great. When it comes time to replace brake pads, it’s likely you’ll want something better than what you had before.

Racers should look into replacing factory brake systems right away in order to ensure a safe sport. Replacing brakes just doesn’t mean a safer ride – it can also increase performance. Choosing higher quality brakes means these Mustang accessories will last longer, perform better in adverse weather conditions, and lessen the time it takes to stop (which is important when dealing with those “brake riders” you might get stuck behind).

Building a Racing Machine

A lot of people get their chosen car for the power – up to 600 horsepower is standard on some newer Mustang models, for example. Add “super snaking” options into the mix or upgrading the engine can make these machines perform even faster. It’s critical to remember that when enjoying the speed and power of your Pony, upgrading the brake system at the same time is crucial. There is absolutely no point in adding power without balancing it with an adequate braking system.

Remember that factory brakes are designed with the “average” driver in mind. This means that these brakes are good enough for an average commuter or trip to the store. The minute you start doing things out of the ordinary, even if that’s pushing the horsepower regularly on a stretch of open road, you’re going to need stoppers that are up for the task.

Top of the Line

One of the most lusted after brakes are the braided stainless steel brake lines – these bad boys give drivers extremely high performance. However, there is a downside. They can fail if not replaced on a regular basis. Unless you’re very on top of things and have the cash to routinely replace a fairly expensive brake system, this isn’t for you.

Another straight-off-the-track option is the cross-drilled rotors and slotted rotors. These rotors are designed to quickly remove heat. This is an easy upgrade that can help racers (or even regular folks with lead feet) improve performance and safety.

Still Want More?

Sometimes replacing “just” the rotors isn’t enough for avid performance fans. A disc brake conversion kit may be the answer. There are conversion kits for a number of models. Keep in mind that going for a full conversion is going to be considerably costlier. You should expect to spend at least $1,500 on these kits. Of course, that’s still not a high price to pay for more performance and more importantly, the safety of you and your passengers.

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