Mustang Mondays: Stripes and Decals


Stripes and Decals

Ever since that first black on gold job on the first generation muscle cars, enthusiasts have been hooked. In the world of muscle and racing car parts, stripes and decals are perhaps the most personal. Nothing says, “This machine is built for speed,” like a racing or rally stripe. Selecting the right detailing might be as difficult as asking a child to choose only a couple of sweets in a candy shop, but that’s all part of the fun. The options are nearly limitless.

The Horse

Adding some extra horse emblems in the form of a decal can make it seem like there are a few more horses under the hood if you’re a Mustang fan. Unlike some of the competitors (if you can call them that), the Mustang logo is – for lack of better words – simply cool, classic, and instantly recognizable. Show some pride without breaking the bank. There are a number of colors and designs to choose from.

Need a Man with a Slow (Steady) Hand

Applying stripes yourself definitely saves some cash, but it’s also a painstaking process. This is not a, “hope for the best” kind of situation. Follow some simple steps for perfect results. Make sure you start with a freshly cleaned car – you’re going to want to show off the modded ride immediately, anyway. Do not wax it, but do make sure any wax residue is completely removed.

Preferably undertake the process in a garage, but if that isn’t an option it’s important to park away from debris or falling leaves. Mark the center of the hood with electrical tape, which is right at the tip of the Mustang’s mane on the grille. Carefully measure and re-measure again. Electrical tape will not damage the paint, so be liberal and be exacting. If working from a kit that supplies soap and decals, use as much soap as possible while working out the bubbles of the stripes.

Not the DIY Type?

It takes commitment, patience, and a little bit of OCD doesn’t hurt, in order to tackle striping yourself. One option is to have a professional body shop do the work, or there is always the possibility of finding a skilled pro yourself via Craigslist or asking around on Facebook. Working with these particular Mustang accessories is a tricky beast, so consider if the cash saved is worth the potential stress.

Color Combinations

If you don’t plan to give your car a complete paint job overhaul, consider the existing color and what works best. Many fans with black vehicles opt for the timeless gold stripes (an homage to the original is always in good taste). White stripes on blue, black on gray, black on red, and black on white are all popular options. Spend some time considering what color combinations say to you to decide on the perfect fit.


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