Turf Vehicles for Any Terrain

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Whether you call them turf vehicles, utility vehicles, or even golf cars, these powerful and rugged machines can handle some very trying terrain. Of course, one of the most common places you see turf vehicles is on golf courses, whisking players around the greens so you can really enjoy your game. You’ll also see other kinds of turf vehicles on the course when the food and beverage carts trolly by. However, turf vehicles are very multi-faceted and can be found on nearly every type of terrain being used for a number of tasks.

Mehta_Turf GolfYou’ll find turf vehicles like the CarryAll series and XRT 1500 series tackling landscaping projects and sometimes even on construction sites. Available with a variety of hauling power capabilities, they’re used to transport branches, mulch, and fertilizer, large shrubs to be planted and sometimes even kindly caught pests like raccoons! From deep muddy soil to frozen and frosty terrain, there’s no such thing as an offseason for construction and renovation projects.

Turf Vehicles for Luxury

Turf vehicles capable of carrying large groups are spotted on college campuses, retirement communities, and any type of campus (including corporate) that’s too big for everyone to easily walk. If you’re on a tour, perhaps checking out your child’s future university, you don’t want to spend the entire time huffing and puffing across campus. Turf vehicles help make tours and transportation easier, faster and much more comfortable. With heating, cooling and a number of coverage options, you’ll also be able to avoid inclement weather.Mehta_Turf Taxi

Airports are another place where turf vehicles are a staple and a reminder that these machines aren’t just for the outdoors. Easily able to transition from the indoors and outdoors, you might want a turf vehicle for very large and spacious interiors. Additional options include mega malls and some corporate buildings, although your imagination is the limit.

Bumps, Hills and Sand

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Turf vehicles have the ability to easily get where you cannot. This can include sand dunes, very steep and trying hills, deep mud, and navigating across the icy or snowy terrain. Some can navigate surprisingly deep water, and others are designed with very hot temperatures in mind. Matching your turf vehicle to the job you have in mind is critical, and something a reputable terrain vehicle company can help you with.

Those on a budget can always check out used turf vehicle options, or consider a variety of model types to handpick which features you don’t necessarily need. A turf vehicle for every owner, budget, and terrain is sure to make life much simpler. Get started on your turf vehicle shopping process now!


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