Suspension Possibilities for Mustangs


No matter what generation Pony you have, one of the most critical Ford Mustang parts is the suspension system. Think about the last time you were a passenger in a new car. If you remember spilling your drink, a “rough ride,” or grabbing for the handle on the corners, chances are the suspension system was subpar at best. Can’t remember the details of the last time you were a passenger? Then the suspension system is doing its job. A good system gives you a smooth ride and more control – and luckily for Mustang owners, there are a few possibilities.

Breaking Down the System

A suspension system is comprised of several Mustang accessories including the chassis (frame), springs, shock absorbers, and torsion bars. Knowing what’s inside of your machine – and if it can be improved – is something worth looking into. Both coil and leaf springs absorb any shocks along the road in order to give you a smoother ride. When these parts start to wear down or deteriorate, catching it early can be an inexpensive fix. Shock absorbers work with springs in order to release the shock that’s absorbed.Mehta_Suspension2

Torsion bars are optional, and most Mustangs do not have them. These bars are designed for top-heavy vehicles, such as Jeep Wranglers, and help maintain equal weight throughout the vehicle during side-to-side motion. However, for racers who take corners at high speeds, this is a possibility to consider.

Do You Need an Upgrade?

Most higher-end vehicles built for racing, like your stang, come with impressive suspension systems. However, if you’re looking for something more, or need to replace the existing system, think about a few crucial details. The right system can put your Pony’s power closer to the ground to avoid “wheel hop” for an overall better ride. You can replace the entire system as a kit or just a few key parts like strut braces, control arms, or add a roll cage (a smart idea for convertible owners).

Do you really need an upgrade? That’s up to you. If you’re a racer who spends weekends on the tracks, then an upgraded suspension system can make a big difference. If a trusted mechanic suggests that certain parts are on their last leg, it’s best to replace things early. However, if your Pony is in good shape and you’re not a daredevil, you should have a pretty solid ride with the factory system.

What’s in a Name?

Just like Mustang is an American icon known for excellence, every part of your Pony has a different type of reputation. Some of the most respected brands for suspension systems are BBK, DDJ, and Eibach. Choosing one of these brands when replacing or upgrading your system is always a safe bet. Eibach sportline lowering springs come in the staple fire engine red since beauty is also on the inside. BBK Gripp lowering springs offer a teal blue option. After all, paying a little more for top of the line parts should also have a fun side.


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