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Beauty isn’t just skin deep – neither in a person or with your ride. The right parts can seriously dress up the inside of your machine. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kind of person who kicks the tires and pops the hood without having a clue of what you’re looking for. Having an eye for beauty and detail is universal. Racers and car show regulars know that settling for prettifying the surface alone isn’t enough. You’ve invested in an American dream – the most incredible powerhouse on the road – so it (and you) only deserves the best.

My, the Possibilities

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The amount of amping up under the hood is vast. However, it can be a very inexpensive and rewarding hobby unlike the embarrassment of slowly modifying the exterior. If you’re driving around with only a couple of improved pieces and the rest is still factory, no one will know but you. Consider starting with a master cylinder cap cover – perhaps in a show-stopping chrome – to start adding a little polish under the hood. Aficionados who are going the “one piece at a time” route should think about either holding off on the installation until all desired pieces are acquired, or making sure to keep new parts clean and polished.

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An aluminium A/C cap cover is another part of the affordable accessories family. Fuse box covers, shock tower covers, and oil dipstick covers are also easy ways to improve the inner beauty of your ride. All of these parts can easily be found for under $100 each.

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Make a Big Impact


Dress-up kits are an easy way to drastically change the look under the hood. Large pieces, complete with the stang emblem, cost around $300. Proudly pop that top – whether at a show or simply while showing off your machine – for the never-ending “wow” factor. Chrome is expected on the exterior, but having a shining interior properly displays the power and beauty of your machine.

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Make the Most of Your Investment

Maintaining your tricked-out interior is crucial. Why spend cash on a project and then


allow it to be less than stellar? Rust is a common problem with chrome, but buffering it off with steel wool is a quick fix. Make sure to wash the interior chrome regularly, just like with the exterior body. Your average car wash soap works well on chrome interiors, but for added shine include a couple of capfuls of white vinegar to the mix. After gently washing the parts with a large sponge, it’s important to completely dry the chrome parts to prevent spotting and rusting. A little easy care can make a huge difference – both in looks and the life of the parts.

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