Mid-Aughts Shelby GT Body Structure

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Mid-Aughts Shelby GT Body Structure

This Pony is timeless for a reason. Originally manufactured from 1965 – 1970, it’s proof that not all good things come to an end – sometimes, they’re reborn. When Ford opted to reintroduce a revamped Shelby in 2006, things really started to heat up. The original five-year span saw some evolution and Mustang fan(atics) were in a prime position to pick out the best aspects of the original.

There were only 500 Shelby GT-H models released in 2007. Already, just ten years later, they’ve become a hot collector. Classic Mustang parts, like the staple GT V8 engine of 1965, were bumped up with the GT-H engine. However, some things are better left unaltered like the traditional gold on black paint. Less than a year after the first Mustang came out, a convertible version was released.

Something Old, Something New

Experts on these powerful machines were instantly transported back in time when the first Shelby 2.0 was unveiled in the early aughts. Mustang accessories may abound, but nothing is as eye-catching as the “Hertz colors” featuring gold racing stripes has been a Hertz heritage for nearly 100 years.

A 100% custom, pinned Shelby hood infuses an extra injection of power into the Pony. In keeping with the racing horse, a brushed aluminium grille showcases the well-known emblem. Side scoops give a solid nod to the sleek look of the 60’s and brings the “muscle” back into muscle cars.

Care to “Super Snake” It?

Too much of a good thing? Hardly. The Las Vegas Carroll Shelby’s Performance Plant began offering this option in 2008. Owners who snagged the Shelby in 2007 could send their baby to Sin City to get super snaked for $27,995. So, what exactly does that mean? This upgrade meant 605 horsepower, but a “supercharged” option gave speedsters over 725 horsepower (however, there’s no warranty for this option). It’s estimated that a super snaked Mustang can go 0 – 60 in as little as 3.5 seconds.

The original 1967 GT500 Super Snake is the inspiration. It’s not just extra horses that drivers get with this package. A fiberglass hood, six-piston brakes, cat-back exhaust, and cooling ducts are just a few of the extra perks of going this route.

2013 Shelby GT500

Change has been in the air since the 2013 model was revealed at an L.A. Auto Show in 2011. The fastest Shelby yet, speeds surpass 200 mph with a 5.8 supercharged V8 under the hood. A new LED taillight ups the ante a notch. The biggest cosmetic difference? There’s no grille – so much interior cooling is required that there is simply no room for it.

A Whiff of Nostalgia

You don’t have to be a child of the 60’s to appreciate one of America’s most impressive machines. Whether you enjoyed your first kiss in a classic or were barely a sparkle in someone’s eye, muscle car nostalgia is one ailment that afflicts everyone.


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