Tech Out This Pony!


Tech Out This Pony!

Muscle car enthusiasts might have a penchant for respecting classic styling and nostalgia, but there’s no need to be left in the dust. Gadgets, gizmos, and apps galore can all help you trick out a ride like no other. Whether you’re in the business of supplying parts to consumers or are simply looking for new ways to upgrade your own powerhouse, you’re in luck.

Check out some of these latest and greatest inventions and accessories to make life easier (or at least more impressive). There’s only so much new Mustang valve covers can do. When it comes time to figure out Mustang gift ideas, look no further than a cool techie toy. Those new car scented fresheners are so tired.

There’s an App for That

Ford went app crazy a couple of years ago and enthusiasts are still reaping the benefits. There are a series of apps, like the Twitter hit, that allows your phone to connect with the car’s Sync system so that data is delivered right to your ride. Talk about hands-free innovation.woman-1446557_1920

Scroll through apps that you need from checking tire pressure to finding the nearest gas station with the lowest costs. It’s all about saving you time, stress, and cash. What’s better than that?

Open Pandora’s Box

Your favorite free music feed can be enjoyed in the driver’s seat. Ford’s unique Sync system also allows for the internet-based app to directly feed into a car’s stereo system. There’s no more of the same old Top 40 for you. Options like HD Radio might give you more than FM, but at a cost so why not get the same thing for free?

Don’t forget to take advantage of Pandora’s latest features. Link your Pandora to your Facebook friends to find out what others are listening to. HTML 5 utilization means it’s faster than ever. The improvements for creating lists and browsing for new music are welcome and make rocking out a breeze.

Speak Up

Ever since the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line in 1964 ½, Ford has been a leader in improving how you get around. The company pioneered advanced voice control options to allow for better overall control of the car while staying safe. Sync’s “flatter” feature means less restrictions and easier navigation.


It usually doesn’t matter how fantastic your GPS navigation system is. What good is it to know where you’re going and how many more miles if there’s a rollover causing hours of delays? Providing real-time traffic updates has long been an obstacle.

Inrix came on the scene as part of MyFord Touch system to provide actual traffic conditions on both highways and surface streets. Inrix is also on your iPhone with a Traffic Pro app. Is it worth it? It depends if you like being stuck in gridlock for hours on end or not.


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