4 Big “Custom” Vehicle Paint Fails


When you hear the word “custom,” it’s usually synonymous with stunning, quality, show-stopping—or at least it should be. However, “custom” really just means something that’s done especially for a person. And sometimes that can be a DIY disaster, customization compliments of a very subpar “professional” or a massive fail that has everyone looking for the wrong reasons. When it comes to a custom paint job for your ride, custom doesn’t necessarily guarantee high quality.

You want to make sure people are looking out of awe and envy. Paint jobs can go wrong—horribly, terribly wrong. Remember all the clichés like you get what you pay for, and always do your homework before trusting a body shop with your baby. Otherwise, you might end up with one of these duds and be the laughingstock of your neighborhood.

Now That’s Dedication


“If nautical nonsense be something you wish,” well, then one particular car is probably right up your sandbank. Who knows why one owner was inspired to make an entire SpongeBob-themed car, but to each their own. On the other hand, it looked very much like a garage project that never saw the much-needed hand of a professional, complete with a marine colored-body covered in images of the stars and the crowning jewel or a green hood. However, if you’re feeling creative, that’s great—but there’s absolutely no reason for your car to suffer along with you.

Next up, one truck left some wondering if this is some kind of rig Firebird? An homage to a Tesla? Nope, it’s just a “regular rig” whose owner took the idea of flames a bit too literal and far. In reality, the paint job of one particular truck was pretty awesome and a skilled person obviously took to it. However, there’s no way to get around the blatant poor choice here. If the goal is to evoke panic, then this owner is successful—but if you don’t want to cry fire in a movie theater, you certainly don’t want to do it on the highway.

What Were They Thinking?

Don’t have a professional car paint on hand? No problem—just grab a sharpie and go to town (actually, stay home since those in town don’t deserve this visual assault). Sharpies can do a lot from spiffying up your black, scuffed up shoes to providing some touches to dark furniture with nicks. But when it comes to re-painting your car, depend on the best materials and the best experts for results you won’t be embarrassed by. You know how bad that middle school Sharpie manicure looked? It doesn’t look any better on a car.



Can’t decide between getting in your car or heading to a circus funhouse? You can have both with a monstrosity that’s part freak show, part vehicle and has a 100 percent laughable “paintjob.” A white sedan painted with black lines similar to tribal tattoos of the 90s, sadly it just might be possible that it was done at a body shop—which is further evidence that you need to read testimonials, check out photo galleries and make sure you’re trusting your vehicle to those who know what they’re doing (and have the photos to prove it). Otherwise, you might end up with a car fit for a fun house.


What you do with your ride is up to you, whether you want to pay homage to a cartoon or go overboard with a wacky design. No matter what you do, go for quality customization.


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