Best of the Web: Mechanic Slang


Courtesy of Auto Super Shoppes

Here is some common auto mechanic slang:

  • Aftermarket â€“ Parts made by companies other than the original manufacturer.
  • Baldinis â€“ Heavily worn/bald tyres.
  • Bench â€“ A heavy metal platform used to restore a car’s structural geometry to factory specifications.
  • Breathing â€“ Refers to an engine’s ability to fill its cylinders with the air-fuel mix and then expel exhaust.
  • Dive â€“ The dipping of a car’s nose when brakes are applied.
  • Dyno â€“ Short for “dynometer,” a device that measures an engine’s horsepower.
  • Gas Axe â€“ Cutting torch.
  • Grease Monkey â€“ Mechanic.
  • Hemi â€“ Term that describes any engine with hemispherical combustion chambers on its cylinder head.
  • Kickdown â€“ The downshift in an automatic transmission caused by depressing the throttle.
  • Knock â€“ High frequency vibrations caused by inefficient fuel detonation in the engine.
  • LKQ â€“ “Like Kind and Quality,” meaning a salvaged replacement part that appears to be as good as the original.
  • Menu Pricing â€“ A bundled price for a repair job that includes both parts and labour.
  • Oversquare â€“ An engine whose bore is larger than its stroke.
  • Pent-Roof â€“ A combustion chamber whose upper surface resembles a shallow peaked roof.
  • Pickle Forks â€“ Ball-joint separators.
  • Toe-In â€“ The intentional non-parallel orientation of opposite wheels.


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