Put Your UTV to Work


You may have bought your UTV for fun and games, but it’s also a real workhorse. There are UTVs designed for play, but even if you have a recreational vehicle it can still lighten the load of your household chores. For example, if you’re tired of shoveling snow this season, the Can-Am, Polaris, and other heavy-duty UTVs can take care of that task for you. A machine that’s made to maneuver in snow and is equipped with a plow can turn hours of work into just a few minutes.

However, snow plowing isn’t the only task your UTV can manage. Many come with incredible storage and hauling capabilities. If you want to take on some landscaping challenges, forget the awkward wheelbarrow and constant hauling of items from your garage to your yard. Your UTV can easily haul dirt, sod, branches, limbs, and even crates full of those early spring flowers you’re planting. Gardening and landscaping is back-breaking work, but it doesn’t have to be.

Make Protection a Priority

If you want your leisure ride to pull double duty, make sure you kit it out with the right accessories. For example, you may want to upgrade to a full-tilt, scratch-resistant windshield if you’ll be blazing through overgrown blackberry bushes! Adding a UTV heater for those chilly March mornings of work can keep you safe and comfortable. There are always ways to add on more storage, which you might find you need in the middle of a project.

As spring cleaning season creeps up on you, you’ll likely find endless projects around your property—and can use the help of a towing beast. It’s the perfect season to start planting, and those bushes, saplings, and gardens require a lot more than you expect. From mulch to chip shavings, clearing debris to towing away overgrown limbs, make this the year spring cleaning is done fast and easy.

From Playful to Worker Bee

If you own a farm or are a serious landscaper, you may want a special UTV just for work. However, if you just want to dabble in it, your recreational UTV is likely up for the task. All UTVs are powerful (and much more powerful than any human!). They can also keep you dry and warm when you need to take on those projects in the cold and rain. Working on your property in March is always a challenge, especially with the fickle weather and temperature swings. Consider adding on a roll bar or cage to maximize your safety, especially if you’ll be prowling over new (to you) terrain.

No matter what kind of machine you have, your local experts can help you accessorize quickly and affordably. Make sure your most valuable worker has everything it needs to get the job done.


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