Be Careful! Most Deer Collisions Occur in October


From Utah to New York, collision services are in high demand during the hunting season—but it’s not ghosts or goblins you need to watch out for. Deer collisions spike during the month of October throughout the nation. Cap that off with one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year on the 31st, and this autumnal month is a witch’s brew of road disasters waiting to happen. You can only avoid so much with defensive driving skills, but don’t worry. If collision repair is in need, a qualified repair shop can get you back on the road well before that Thanksgiving road trip.

Whitetail deer are racing across the roads until December, and the fall is the mating season as well as hunting season. This means the does are more anxious than usual, willing to gamble on a streak across a highway rather than get caught by a randy buck. In some states, there are over one million whitetails which means the odds of meeting one in the road during peak season is pretty high.

Silver Linings

deer-crossing-2079620__340The odds of a fatality from a deer crash are relatively low, but they can still cause a lot of damage. To avoid a collision, remember that dusk and dawn are particularly activity hours for deer. Drive slower, be aware of your surroundings, and know that if you spot one deer that are probably many more nearby. They travel in groups, so if a single deer crosses a road other might be close behind.

Like people, deer are creatures of habit so take those deer crossing signs seriously. If you get a literal deer in the headlights, break to avoid hitting it if possible but never serve. You’re choosing the chance of crashing into another car or a tree instead of the deer, both of which are better crash choices if you have to make that call.

Steps to Take

Deer whistles for cars have proven to be pretty useless, so depending on your driving skills instead. Most of the time, hitting an animal will kill it, and once you’ve made sure everyone in the car is alright and police have been notified, also alert the department that handles road kill in your region. It’s technically legal to keep an animal carcass for your own use in some states (such as for the hide), but you’ll still be required to report it to the authorities for a certificate of possession. After the dust has settled, it’s time to assess the damage and get your ride back in order.deer-952744_1920.jpg

If it’s not totaled, a qualified collision shop has the skills and technology to return your vehicle to like-new condition. It’s important to get this taken care of right away since you might not realize just how dangerous a crashed car can be. It might look ugly bug functional—but what if the side panel is now rubbing against the wheel, threatening a sudden flat on the interstate? Most comprehensive insurance policies will cover these repairs, excepting the deductible, so consider this a strong recommendation to upgrade from liability only in case Bambi makes a run for it.


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