What Can Your UTV Outrun?


How fast can your UTV go? It depends on the make and model, of course, but the Polaris RZR can top out at 70 mph! Not all UTVs are built for speed—some are built to be hauling machines. Assuming the average top speed of a UTV is 50 mph, that still gives you plenty of get up and go. In fact, these UTVs can outrun many things, including some vintage rides! Even better, a maintained UTV is built to sustain high speeds for long stretches. The same can’t be said of a tired old 1965 Mustang that’s barely highway legal anymore.opel-87087_1920

While you should never try to run from the police, it’s actually a fairly common attempt in a UTV. There are scores of reports every year of riders trying to take on the fuzz by giving them a run for their money. They’re always caught, but a fast driver in a faster UTV will certainly give police a challenge. Plus, UTVs can go where police cars can’t, such as across fields and down narrow trails.

Faster than a Speeding Coyote!


Lions run up to 49.7 MPH

If it’s ever necessary, you might want to know which animals your UTV can outrun! For starters, the coyote maxes out at 42.9 mph and the brown bear at a measly 21.7 mph (although it certainly feels a lot faster if you’re fleeing from them on foot!). A greyhound doesn’t even break the 40 mph mark, a horse can get to 54.7 mph (so some UTVs can outrun them), and a lion reaches 49.7 mph, ensuring you can barely squeak by this predator.

Few land animals can outrace a UTV, but of course the cheetah is one of them at 74.6 mph. A pronghorn can reach 60.9 mph, although it won’t be chasing your rig down the trails. For hunters who take their UTVs on expeditions, this is critical knowledge. It’s illegal to give chase in a UTV, but if you’re hunting in dangerous territories, knowing your UTV can whisk you away to safety gives you extra peace of mind.

Highway Runs

UTVs are not allowed on most highways, even though many can easily maintain minimum speeds. Still, it’s for the safety of everyone on the road. UTVs can be tough to spot, but there are some stretches of highways around the US where your machine is allowed. In these instances, you’ll easily be able to keep pace with almost any other car on the road. Just make sure you check the local laws first.

If you want a speed machine built for thrills, and with security for spills, get the experts on your side today. Get all the upgrades you need for a lightning fast, safe ride.


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