VW Monday: A Jetta or a GTI?

Kicker Temp VW Jetta vs GTI

Whether the traditional Jetta Sedan is more your speed, or you prefer the Jetta Sportswagen, you’re sure to find the right machine to “jet” off into the sunset. The sedan starts with an MSRP of under $16,000 and the Sportswagen at just under $21,000, so either model is a wise move. The popular family car has been on the market since 1979 and was originally intended to fill a “sedan need” that the Golf just wasn’t cutting for certain drivers. In total, there are six generations of Jetta and they keep getting better with each reincarnation. The original move was to simply add a trunk to the Golf’s hatchback, plus some unique styling—particularly with the front bumper. It’s available with two or four doors, and the Sportswagen boasts a five-door approach. Seating up to five people, over 14 million Jettas have been sold around the globe. And millions of drivers can’t be wrong.

Every generation features a bigger and stronger car. The Jetta is VW’s top-selling model and it’s no surprise why. Reviewers have always raved about the incredible handling, roomy interior (which gets bigger with each generation), and the sleek lines of the car. For those who want a dependable car with plenty of luxury to boot, the Jetta is a great choice. It can easily fit a family (even for those longer trips), has exceptional handling that can manage those four distinct Utah seasons, and VW is of course known for staying power. It’ll last thousands of miles as long as you give it the TLC it deserves.

Every new sedan has clearcoat paint, body-color rear bumpers, trunk rear cargo access, and stunning black grills. A six-way driver seat ups the comfort, and a 14.5 gallon fuel tank means you can go for miles without refilling. Select from a Base model, S, SE, or SE with connectivity if you really want to go high tech. For the Sportswagen, choose from S, SE, TDI, or SE with a sunroof. Heatable front comfort seats are standard in every Sportswagen, so drivers are sitting pretty on those winter trips to Alta or Park City.

Your Other Option

Part of the Golf family, the GTI was originally a concept car that was inspired by the Golf Mk5. It features an incredible 6.0 liter W12 engine compliments of Volkswagen Phaeton. It’s basically a “souped up” Golf for those who love their machines but want even better performance. There’s a twin-turbocharged engine under the hood that bolsters an extra 200 bhp, bringing the grand total to 641 bhp. Claims that the GTI could go from 1-62 in just 3.7 seconds, when it first became available in 2007, everyone was clamoring for a GTI—and nothing has changed. Featuring rear wheel drive with a six-speed automatic gearbox to boot, it’s a fantastic driving machine but still has all the interior comforts drivers have come to expect from Volkswagen.

A modified body was in order to make room for that massive engine, so a GTI looks like a wider Golf—but it’s easy to spot with that rear spoiler which optimizes handling. In order to maximize grip, you’ll find that W12 engine nestled right in the middle of the vehicle. You’ll find the MSRP starting at just a smidge over $25,000, making a GTI a cost-effective sports machine. However, with four doors and plenty of interior cabin room, it can also pull double duty as a commuter car, road trip haven or the go-to car to haul the kids around. It’s a multi-tasking machine for your multi-tasking life.

Whether the original Wolfsburg attention catches your eye or you’re after the special Driver’s Edition, a GTI is a great accessory for any driver. Those 18-inch alloy wheels come in both models along with light tinted glass and a black grill. The Driver’s Edition also features a projector beam high intensity low/high beam, express open/close sliding and tilting glass, and an instrument panel-covered bin.

Who said beauty and brawn couldn’t mix? With the GTI, drivers get absolutely everything they want, and power to spare.


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