Best of the Web: Recent Tesla Fatality


A Tesla driver in Florida died in his burning car after he crashed into a tree. Witnesses said that they couldn’t enter the vehicle to help the driver because the door handles wouldn’t work and the airbags didn’t deflate.

Witnesses said that the vehicle was traveling at over 75 mph at the time of the crash.

Link to Original Story

There’s some video an onlooker tweeted at the original story.

At the Kicker our hearts go out to the friends and family anytime there is a fatal car crash. We do want to put things in perspective though. Tesla is under a lot of scrutiny by virtue of the fact that they are a new company with a very different vehicle. We don’t repost these events to join the eco-chamber that can happen when accidents by one automaker are put in a constant loop while accidents by other automakers isn’t deemed newsworthy. Its probably unfortunate timing for Tesla that this comes days after consumer reports downgraded their safety rating of the Model 3.

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