VW Monday: Two Popular VW Options


The Touareg SUV

The height of luxury, the Touareg SUV has an MSRP starting at just below $49,000 and includes every last smidge of luxury you expect from German design. This mid-sized crossover has been on the market since 2002, and named after a North African Berber-speaking community, the Tuaregs. The lovechild of VW, Audi, and Porsche, it’s obvious from its roots how the Touareg became so laden with luxury. The mission? To design an off-road machine that handled like a sports car. More than 300 people were involved in the development, which took place at Porsche’s headquarters in Germany. The VW Group PL71 platform was used as a base, which is shared with the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. Of course, the styling, technical and equipment difference are massive.

The Touareg easily seats five and comes in either a V6 or V8 engine model. Offering the most upscale trims imaginable, the Touareg’s “competition” is considered offerings from Mercedes and BMW. For those who are really power hungry, a limited amount of V10 TDI diesel Touaregs were offered in 2004 and again in 2006 as the “Tier 1 emissions concept vehicle.” However, most drivers prefer a more eco-friendly machine.

Boasting feats never before seen with Volkswagens, like easily going through a snow bank, the Touareg has showcased its strength by towing a Boeing 747—it broke the record for the heaviest load hauled by any passenger car. However, it’s not all brute force. The latest Touareg features the globe’s first automotive headlight technology, dubbed the “glare-free high beam.” The beam changes patterns continuously to avoid glare. You’ll also get adaptive cruise control with stop and go functions, the Lane Assist warning system, Side assist for blind spots and Front Assist which is an automatic pre-crash system. Mix in area view with a total of four cameras, eight-speed auto transmission and Adaptive Air Suspension with continuous damping control, and it’s clear why the Touareg is a winner.

Awarded Car and Driver’s Best Luxury SUV, Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year, and Four Wheeler’s Four Wheeler of the Year award, you’ll find the Touareg of your dreams. Whether it’s the Sport with nav, Lux, R-Line or Exec Model you’re after, a local dealer is your ticket to the best in service and inventory.


Meet the Beetle

Nothing is more iconic than the Volkswagen Beetle, whether you prefer a vintage charmer or a brand new updated “Bug.” Today’s Beetles start at just over $20,000, making them a great choice for young drivers, second cars, or simply those who appreciate a great price along with cute overload. Of course, “cute” might not be the best description of the new and improved Beetle. Those smooth lines, powerful engines and extra interior room have turned the Beetle into a superbug. Drivers can select a 2.5L, 1.8T, 2.5L with sunroof or 1.8T with sunroof. The original Beetle was produced in 1938 until Volkswagen decided it was time for a makeover. People still loved those original looks, but going into the next century it was time to spice things up.


The New Beetle is a compact car which was originally introduced in 1997. However, there were some big chances for the new incarnation, such as putting the engine in the front with storage in the rear. There have been a number of special editions released, like the Malibu Barbie. The new Beetle was welcomed with open arms, but VW had some more tricks up those German sleeves. Again in 2011, another “new” new Beetle debuted.

Boasting a max speed of up to 131 mph, acceleration of 0-60 mpg in as little as 6.5 seconds, and plenty of luggage space, this new Beetle has a lot of get up and go. But it’s not all flash and speed. The Beetle was awarded five stars from the Euro NCAP, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the machine a “good” overall score when it comes to frontal crash tests. That makes sense with those side airbags for optimal safety.

With engine sizes, Americans can select from 115 hp, 100 hp, and 150 hp as well as a turbo diesel engine option. When it comes to buying a Beetle, you’ve probably been a fan from way back. The New Beetle snagged Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year Award, but you don’t need accolades to know if a Beetle is for you.


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