Cars and Celebrations


Although driving a car can be quite fun there are obvious reasons why they are not readily associated with parties. One exception though is the tailgate party, which takes place at the open tailgate or trunk of a vehicle. Although they can occur anywhere, they generally take place at stadiums and similar places where sports events take place.

The food consumed tends to be items you’d associate with a picnic such as cold potato salad or baked beans. Sometimes people play novelty, or lawn games, such as ladder golf and jolf.

While uncommon beyond sports events, tailgate parties have also occurred near concerts or reunions. And while tailgate parties are typically a “guy” thing they’ve even happened outside weddings.

Another way Cars and Celebrations Mix

When it comes to events for people who like cars there is a number of classic car shows around the country, which are sometimes known as “cruises.” You can often see Hollywood cars and race cars at these types of events and they are marketed as a day out for all the family. There was even a moon rover at one such event, which had a moon landing them to celebrate 50th anniversary of the moon landing. It is not clear what other vehicles linked to the moon take part.


Creating car events, as has been noted before, are a profitable way for race tracks to make a little coin out of season. It makes sense as people who attend racing are bound to be fascinated by cars and want more.

Some car events are branding activities for certain brands of car, for example, the centenary events linked with Bentleys. There are also week-long events such as the National Drive Electric Week. It’s a great way to promote new makes and new ways of driving.

Less Common Car Celebrations

And we come now too weird events. There is a tradition every fourth of July in Alaska for cars to be started up before going up ramps, though the drivers jump out before the car starts up. Where does the abandoned car end up? Over a ravine.

Though it sounds bizarre, an event using Victorian cars taking place called Show & Shine is simply when collectors’ cars are shone up and exhibited to the public at large. Exactly why the term is not more widely used is not known.

A term you might have heard of if you like military events is the Freedom Fest, which is held by the US Army at Fort Carson. As the name suggests it celebrates the American way of life through exhibiting various historical vehicles.

One car event you might not immediately think of though is to go without the car for a whole day. The pollution associated with diesel and gas cars means that such events have become increasingly popular. Whether they can go past a day remains to be seen though. It is certainly not most people’s idea of a celebration.

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