Great Summer Road Trips


The heat is coming, and you are ready for the vacations to begin. No matter where you live in the United States or what your interests, you can pick any state throughout the country and find something to marvel at. With these odds, you could take a summer road trip for the next fifty years and never get bored. Here are some great summer road trips to interest your whole family.


Route 66Historic Route 66

If your goal is to escape the hustle and bustle that is life, Historic Route 66 can offer the perfect summer getaway. Whether you start in Chicago or California, this trip will take you down roads that are far less traveled today than when they were the main roads across the country. This trip takes you through eight states and gives you access to numerous historical treasures.


Meramec Caverns

Starting in Chicago and Grant Park, you can follow through to the Meramec Caverns in Sullivan, Missouri. From there you can see the shortest stretch of the famous route covering thirteen miles through Galena, Kansas. After you meet the tow truck that inspired Mater, you can stop in for lunch at Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma, and marvel at the 66-foot soda bottle before heading out to Texas. In Texas, you can see the Cadillac Museum in Amarillo, then move on to the Mining Museum in Grants, New Mexico. Through the final stretches of this historic route, you can stop at the original London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona and end your trip at the famous Santa Monica Pier in California.

This is a trip that will give you something new to look at every time you make the journey.


US 83US-83 The Road to Nowhere

Turning directions, you could also find sanctuary on a trip down the Road to Nowhere. This trek will take you along US-83 from North Dakota down to Texas or further if you so wish. You can take in breathtaking views and historical attractions along your way south.

atkins-2897879_1920Starting in North Dakota, you can take in the 13th-century replica of Gol Stove Church Museum in Minot. From there you can stop for a meal at Mad Mary’s Steakhouse and Saloon in Pierre, South Dakota. Next, you can marvel at the beauty of Smith Falls State Park in Valentine, Nebraska. Continuing south a must-see is the iconic Land of Oz in Liberal, Kansas, that gave birth to Dorothy and all of her friends. Passing through the Oklahoma panhandle and finishing your journey in Laredo, Texas.

There are endless numbers of attractions to see along the Road to Nowhere that is sure to give you enough to talk about to get you through the months until your next road trip.


maps-812736_1280Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

So, you have decided where you will travel this summer and are ready for the fun; but is your car ready to go? There are many things to have checked before you set out on a long road trip, especially in the summertime, when you will be dealing with the heat.

While you are planning your road trip, you should also take the time to schedule a tune-up and any maintenance on your vehicle. Make sure that this service includes checking all of your filters, fluids, and the essentials; because nothing ruins a vacation more than getting halfway through your trip for your car to breakdown.

Don’t forget about your tires either, while you are checking everything. This might be a good time to have them rotated and any tires with worn tread replaced. Recheck the air pressure before you head out on your trip.

No matter where you decide to go for your summer fun, a few small steps before your trip will ensure that you are enjoying the views instead of spending the time looking under the hood.



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