What is a Car Geek?


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When we say someone is a car geek what do we mean? How geeky is geeky? Do we mean someone who occasionally looks under the hood, someone who has named their car and loves to mess around with it or someone even more obsessed? Let’s look the source of all things geek, nerd, or bazaar–the internet.

Fictional & Family Friendly Car Geeks

800px-Mr_Toad's_Wild_RideThe most famous car geek was the literary character Mr. Toad in Wind in the Willows. It would be difficult to take the obsession for motorcars away from the character, though he has a few more obsessions such as caravans, hot air balloons and according to one film airplanes. In the Disney film, he appears hypnotized by the sight of his first car. Although other versions don’t go that far it could be implied that all versions of Mr. Toad are super geeky.

What Makes Someone a “Car Geek?”

According to the most common searches, a car geek looks for ‘how to’s’ and supercar events. They may be after specialist parts for their individual vehicles. A car geek’s obsession may go into other motor vehicles such as trucks or motorbikes. They may look for the best kind of vehicles or the most obscure. And know everything about them.

An obsession with cars can go as far as knowing the names of paint varieties for different cars, taking pictures of cars and linking places to specific cars that you have driven. In a way, they see the world through the eyes of their car (okay, a bit over the top but that’s the point, right?)

A Car Geek Would Know

aston-martin-3619204_1920Car geeks will certainly know what press car number plates are. These are the plates placed on cars when they are photographed in. It’s like when a movie or TV show has to say a phone number they always start it with 555. For a car example, it is 911 HUL for Porsche cars. In 2012 the number plate VE12 AML was used in press photographs for the Aston Martin Lagonda but has been since been sold off. It was the intention to sell it to an Aston Martin Lagonda owner but that may not have been the case.

Forward-Looking Geeks

Car geeks come in handy when trying to predict the future of cars and commuting. They may look at virtual reality for the latest way to design automobiles, whether electric cars or self-driving cars will catch on or the latest crazes such as LimePod. In case you are not a geek, LimePod is an idea for a car sharing service run in Seattle which has yet to find favor with the public at large.


Or Looking Back

The geek certainly goes to museums and one of the most famous is the Henry Ford Museum of Dearborn, Michigan which includes a car from all the way back to 1865. The Nascar Hall of Fame might be also worth the journey if you are a speed freak as well as a car geek.

Who’s Looking for a Car Geek?

The geek is certainly a valuable market, with items such as car wax, auto accessories and general car care products advertised to them. The name might be a bit watered down with its use for any enterprise involving cars though.  The more a term is used the more watered down the meaning so it shouldn’t be overused?

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