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When it comes to giving cars a paint job, you can do worse than choosing the stars and stripes design, it has been used on giant diesel trucks, on VW buses, even on the iconic pickup. Some designs use a static style flag; others choose a dynamic design which looks as if the flag is waving in the breeze.

It is not necessary to stick a stars and stripes design all over a car, sometimes only the hood is painted, sometimes only the roof. It all depends on individual tastes. It’s certainly possible to go too far.

If you don’t want to actually paint the flag on your car you could use a vinyl wrap. Wraps work like a sticker and cover a car in a way that’s durable and cost-effective. NASCAR uses wraps to decorate their cars since they often change sponsors and often take damage.

Should you not wish to paint or wrap your car you can invest in a window screen with the American flag on it, or a stars and stripes style license plate holder. It is a very lucrative market and many car accessories sellers can assist you.



The famous red racing Corvette shows how you can have a design which hints on the stars and stripes without going overboard. Instead of having a flag there are banners which resemble a stripe on the hood as well as one which forms a cross shape on the roof. These banners have stars on them. Most of the rest of the car is red, as stated above.

As well as stars and stripes some cars have bald eagles or even a Civil War battle. It comes down to people’s imagination. A symbol of the USA which often appears on car designs, Captain America is believed by many people to date from the 2011 movie. But in the comic world, he goes all the way back to 1941. The actual symbol doesn’t seem to matter as much as the patriotism evoked.

There is a bit of money to be had from painting your vehicle and displaying the results in events on days such as Independence Day and Veteran’s Day. It might even be a viable business, though you undoubtedly have a great deal of competition out there.

What about the backlash though? Yes, there is a backlash. Some online journalists complain about the number of patriotic vehicles out there. After all, having the stars-and-stripes on your truck proves nothing. Is it better to say, join the military, or run for office? Where some of us appreciate these cars for their aesthetic sense, critics see them as “rather gaudy.” Each to their own.

To many people, the most innately patriotic vehicle is the Jeep, though opinion is divided. Next in line is probably Cadillac.

action-asphalt-blur-315938.jpgYou don’t have to be a dealership owner to know that every car business based in this country wants to be associated with patriotism. The automotive industry is deeply connected to our country. Prior to the space race, cars were the driving technology of the future and the daily bread of the youngest and most innovative new country in the world. Even the aviation industry never toppled cars in the hearts of most Americans.

Why it’s as American as Apple Pie and Baseball!


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