Cars and Astrology?


If you believe in Astrology—which you probably don’t–you might be interested in what sort of car best matches your sign. Note that these ideas should be taken with a pinch of salt, they may just be there to sell cars! Having said that, cars do sort of reflect people’s personalities, so why not? This should be fun.

Aries should drive a strong car which makes an impression on the passenger. It should be quite apparent that the “passenger” is of a different sex. This might be the Hummer, which is certainly a car with personality.

zodiac-sign-4374405_1920Taurus wants solid performance in their cars rather than something less stable which looks nice. A Ford Fusion has the correct style of interior for them, almost a home from home.

Gemini does not plan anything, so their cars tend to be impulse buys. This might be worrying as they are more likely to lose money. A Corvette will keep their mind racing but it may cause problems in the long run.


Cancer wants a secure environment for their family and friends. Their car shouldn’t neglect excitement altogether though. The Audi A4 can seat five so it’s one idea.


Leo looks to the grand stage and their choice of cars reflects this. They want a Lamborghini, especially a fiery yellow one. All eyes need to be on them.

Virgo wants the perfect car to reflect what they think of a perfecting personality. It might be stuffy at times though. Lexus is the sophisticated car for them.


Libra want balance in all things, which presumably is one which can take the corners? More especially they require something beautiful in their life. The Chrysler will suit them no end.

zodiac-sign-4374412_1920Scorpio is all about passion and mystery. This does make them sound like psychopaths, but apparently it means they hide their true feelings under a cloak of silence. A Mazda is a powerful engine for them to get whatever they want to be.


Sagittarius is all about hopeless optimism, traveling only for the journey, never seeming to get there. The Saturn Sky might be the sports model for them.


Aquarius don’t want the tried and tested route. Why should they shy away from adventure? Then look at the compact “Smart ForTwo” for the best way to go.


Pisces is all about dreams of the soul. They are a bit of a procrastinator and need a push every so often. A battery powered Chevrolet may be right for them.

Capricorn want to achieve their goals even if it means burning the midnight oil. A Toyota SUV is one example of a good car for them to allow them to reach for new horizons.


Naturally that’s not the end of the advice Astrologist can provide you. So if you really can’t figure out what day you’ll find the perfect car to buy, or when to sell your car, well I guess you’ve got another avenue besides juts tossing a coin. It can also tell you the best time to go on a journey.

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