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Everyone knows or should know that when it comes to the big bucks, look at things like weddings. If you’re in the car business, this rule of thumb still applies. Rather than a more generic car rental or occasion car rental business. Although many of these companies are international, you can find different companies by stating your home city or the venue city you hope to get married in.

Compare wedding car rental firms; one in New York, one in Orlando and finally one in Texas. In New York ads feature brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Porsche. It is all about the luxurious experience, in the Big Apple. Orlando, however, uses a wider range such as motorcycle escorts and golf carts as well as limousines and sedans. Texas wedding car specialist have a larger selection than the one in New York, and included vehicles like Trolley buses and “San Francisco style” buses.

antique-16050_1920Smaller wedding car rental specialists stock vehicles for rustic wedding, which begs the question, are big players are missing a trick here?”

There is always space for novelty, for instance having your new surname on the license plate. The biggest place for novelty, and it goes without saying, is Las Vegas. It is not that hard to find companies which will escort you in monster limos (aka presidential limos), stretch trucks, English style Double Decker buses, vintage cars or even horse and cart. The weirdest transportation found for a Las Vegas event is a zip-wire, which begs the question: Why?

But going back to cars, an important insider tip is that they all seem to have cars in stock that you can’t find looking through their websites. It’s most likely the result of not keeping up inventory, but the lesson here is call or visit.

stretch-limousine-2714963_1920.jpgAnother helpful hint is to verify that the car you pick up to use is the car you selected online. Even if you’re happy with the switch see if you can get a partial refund. It is important that the driver’s gratuity can be part of the total invoice of your bill – helpful when you sort out your tax bill.

Additional time is possible, but may will add up. For example, one business quoted $175-$200 per hour. So, if your occasion goes on to the small hours or even continues over several days (as some weddings might do, especially for instance Indian weddings) this could send prices rocketing.

One factor some companies think of and others don’t is the addition of large umbrellas. This is a life saver in many cases. Ask if they’ll supply them if you suspect rain, if they don’t bring them yourself.

If you are getting married, congratulations on the happy event, however you get to and from the church, chapel or whatever…


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