Car Accidents – What You Might Learn From Google

A car accident is a serious business and indeed may be big business. Marketers and advertisers want to know what people are searching for regarding car accidents and whether they are targeting the right people. When it comes to searches, Google is King, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to know what is happening in Yahoo searches, or Facebook, in LinkedIn or other websites.

But let’s just stick to Google.

“Car crash” gets 1,700,000,000 results while “car accident” gets 827,000,000 results. As accident is the more accepted term it might lead one to wonder whether people are looking for car crashes in some kind of voyeuristic way or if they want to try and prevent them.

“Injured in a car accident” gets 157,000,000 results while “injured at home” gets 471,000,000 results and “injured at work” gets 367,000,000. So “injured at home” is three times more likely to be searched for than “injured in a car accident” and “injured at work” is about 2.5 times more likely be searched for than “injured in a car accident”.

“Car accident other person at fault” gets 55,770,000 results. Even worse, “Car accident other person no insurance gets 268,000,000 results.

These searches are gold dust for the advertisers who can market the product in Google Ads at the top and bottom of the list of results or they might choose to push themselves onto the first page.

It seems a lot of people might just be nosy. There are 667,000,000 results for “car accident near me.” The results include traffic reports, newspaper headlines, possibly gruesome YouTube footage and well as advice for making a claim.

“Car accident family” has 447,000,000 results whereas “Car accident person” has 368,000,000. We’re sentimental about a family and no doubt people worry more about being in a car accident with their family than being alone.

Something people seem to do when in a crash is Google car parts, this can be seen when Googling “Car accident Ford” for instance. Dealerships also give advice on what to do after an accident, according to the results.

Work problems associated with car crashes include crashing the company car, suing for lost job after a car accident, wondering if you could lose your job thanks to an injury sustained by a car accident and will the job cause mental anguish resulting in problems at work.

Home problems associated with car crashes include having to change the layout of the house due to injuries, having to alter your household routine in order to do exercises and whether you should go home after a car accident.

When it comes to accidents, Google reveals that some serious problems relate to the chest area, blunt force trauma may cause broken ribs and collapsed lungs. A person with a heart concern may just go into cardiac arrest and there’s a risk of internal bleeding. It’s evidently a difficult time and the internet might be trying to help, but it’s important to seek medical advice as well as just using Google.

Keep safe out there.

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