Self-Isolation in a Covid-19 World

Op-Ed by Bunch & Wimsett

The idea of self-isolation, of not having contact with society may show how we’ve been spoilt by having a car to drive, to get us to a certain location by a certain time. We’re accustomed to being certain, more or less, we can go anyplace anytime. The car owner without the car feels a little bit, well, like a prisoner. (We know it’s not the same thing, but it feels like it.)

When your car goes in the shop for an extended repair and your insurance company won’t pay for a rental, you’re left bumming a ride from friends or public transport. If you have to rely on public transport, you are at the mercy of other travellers, which can be sketchy, especially during the darkest of nights. We also need to wait around for public transport to appear and have to deal with the cold. But these days, it’s the peril of crowds, and their germs.

Although a car seems safer than a bus it is still a harboring area for bacteria, so it is important to wash your hands after returning from car journeys. This is just the way we live now.

Self-isolation is more than just being unable to travel; it’s also about not being able to set forth outside your home, to use your car. It’s hard to see how a travel ban for a wide group of people can be implemented. (It’s easier in some ways with planes and trains.)

Where you travel to:

However, you travel it is important to realize that it is not a good idea to move into an area which has a higher risk of exposure than the one where you live. You are also more at risk in crowded settings, especially places with limited air circulation. Also, it’s not a good idea to visit older adults.

It is likely the concert, parade, festival or sporting fixture you are visiting is cancelled, check to find out before you start your journey.

The Las Vegas strip, Broadway theaters and Disney theme parks have also closed. It is likely that similar venues will do likewise. Even the beaches, state parks, and tourist attractions are closed. Even though we need the fresh air, the risk of the crowd is too great.

The Auto Industry:

Car factories may also close, though in Detroit a Covid-19 Task Force has been set up in attempt to keep workers as safe as possible. No one is that sure whether the virus lives on cardboard, plastic and stainless steel and anyone touches any of substances risks exposure to the virus. A number of the office staff will be working from home, but it goes without saying that those who are building or repairing items on the factory floor haven’t got that luxury. Somehow the business needs to stay afloat.

A number of CEOs from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler will lead the task force.

With all the school closers you won’t need to use the car to take the children to school. It is affecting all areas of life.

There is a lockdown in states such as Washington, California and New Jersey. In the latter a curfew exists between 8pm and 5am.

As for the rest of us you may need to ask yourself, “Is my journey that necessary?”

In most quarantine states, restaurants are allowed to serve takeout or delivery—so far. As things stand now, Mike Pence said that restaurants have the potential to close. This is an ongoing situation, but things will snap back. We can only wait.

So, travel seems not that important right now. Might we suggest the solution to your need to get around is an ancient technology known as walking.

Stay safe,

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