Some Notes on Dangerous Driving

It seems that traffic is now increasing-maybe people are ignoring the virus? But you shouldn’t use quiet roads as an excuse to drive dangerously.

Hopefully your vehicle has been kept roadworthy. Some folks drive a car to death–assuming as long as it hasn’t ceased up it’s fine. Whatever the situation it’s advisable to drive with “due care and attention”.

It’s a Moving Violation to Drive an Unsafe Car:

The rules of what constitutes dangerous driving differ from country to country. In Canada, it’s known as Dangerous Operation. The offense carries the punishment of six months imprisonment, unless you are indicted five years. Causing bodily harm could mean 10 years and it’s 14 years if it relates to street racing.

It’s weird that not all driving that endangers life is known as dangerous driving. Wrong Way Driving – shortened to WWD – where you drive the wrong way down a road is classed as dangerous driving in New Zealand, but not in the US. Maybe in the latter it’s just seen as a temporary mistake?

Still rules tend to alter from country to country so it’s vital to be aware.

Likely Offenders—You’re in for a Surprise:

I know what you’re thinking– the usual figures say that 18-34 year old’s are twice as likely to admit to the road infraction. However, as far as who is likely to commit a dangerous diving offense, it’s bosses of major businesses. It seems as they or promoted in their role in a company, they begin to show signs of recklessness—some might call it cockiness? Studies find that it’s more likely to be older men in the business field.

It could be the stress of being in charge or it could be that they are more comfortable with risk. Well they are well paid, or at least were, so don’t feel too sorry for them!

It seems that drivers of certain vehicles are more likely to commit the crime too, according to British figures. 42% of Beemers have one point (the equivalent of two points in the US) compared to 41% of Audi drivers and only 9% of Merc owners. So maybe if your boss owns a Merc, maybe they’re all right?

Sometimes it’s not the car—it’s the Road

When it comes to dangerous roads around the world an excess in traffic is the least of your worries. In Taroke Gorge Road in Taiwan you need to negotiate sudden drops in the rock face as well as the odd typhoon and some sizeable earthquakes.

Another tricky road – to put it mildly! – is Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand. Should you meet another vehicle on your journey you may have to reverse 3Km or so to safely pass each other.

There are examples too in the USA. Haul Road, otherwise known as James Dalton Highway, is a place where drivers have to negotiate winds so strong, they often fling rocks around the landscape.

Whatever the cause of the danger, it’s vital to be aware of your state of mind or the environment. These have been strange days but try not to make a mistake that will last with you after things get back to normal.

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