Electric Pickups

The Kicker has covered Rivian a few times, but they’re not the only E-Truck coming.

The electric truck is a fairly new on the scene and suddenly so many companies added it to next years offering that it could make your eyes water. Players like Tesla are giving the bigger fish a run for their money, to mix metaphors a bit. It is still possible that designs will change before they finally reach the market.

An electric pickup is advantageous when compared to a diesel engine in that it is drastically more compact. Nor does the vehicle require a transmission or multiple gears so this saved space may be applied to other uses.

Atlis’s XT does seem like an electrified version of a conventional pickup with conventional proportions, but it still has some extra features. There’s a choice of cab sizes and whether you have single or dual rear wheels. It has an electric motor per wheel rather than one per axle (apparently the norm) and goes from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. These cars are shrouded in mystery, even where they are being manufactured.

General Motors have come up with the GMC Hummer. The debut date was May 20, 2020 and goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds. It was created in the Detroit plant, however, there’s yet to be any announcement on the price though there are rumors on a 80,000 price tag.

The Lordstown Endurance takes its name from a city in Ohio. The factory creating the Endurance was purchased from General Motors and is planned to produce the first pickup of many this year. Having one motor per wheel helps control the torque, similar to the XT above. The workers who used to be in General Motors could be repositioned.

Bolinger Motors could have a disadvantage when weighed up against its rivals in that it has been in operation for a relatively short time. It started in New York and has now moved and is based in Detroit, where similar companies are based. Both the B1 and B2 have a door to the bed section, differentiating from similar designs. The door also allows items which are longer than the bed itself to fit in the vehicle.

Both vehicles have features you might expect in similar pickups such as 4 wheel drive and can operate both on-road and off-road. It is well worth watching Bolinger to see what they come up with next.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a controversial design involving a number of strong angles and the cab pushed forwards. It can run on 500 miles per charge, only it isn’t clear from their reports how long a charge is. There is also a lack of paint options with the only color being a steel gray.

The Cybertruck isn’t technically a pickup as it hasn’t a bed, the area behind the cab where items are stored. Despite this it can tow 7,500lbs of weight. The lower priced Cybertrucks won’t be manufactured until 2021 and the tri-motor in 2022.

Maybe it’s some sort of prejudice that only the sporty type of vehicle has used electric motors. But with these upcoming vehicles many companies are making up for lost time.

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