Selecting a Merc

When selecting a Mercedes it helps to have a dedicated consultant. This one person who guides your client journey from the website to vehicle delivery. There is a backroom group of people checking that the car is the right color and age for you.

To help you when buying online it helps to be able to explore the exterior and the interior as well as being able to scroll over to change the design. The difficulty on buying online is you might be reducing the act of buying a car to deciding on the fuel type and the transmission-this can only be a starting point.

It helps too gaining information on the CO² emission and the transmission, but we’re not sure by how much. You can get confused by too much detail. The pictures tend to be what sell the car, ultimately.

There seems to be a big thing about having the selling price upfront. In other words, you can’t negotiate on the price. If you are buying online, it is hard to negotiate in any case, so it doesn’t seem that vital a selling point. Although it’s designed for help at the car dealership it might be construed as “we can’t be bothered to negiotate.” How upfront is the dealership being?

They may have a good argument. We associate negotiating with dodgy car salesman, even though you can negotiate with any retailer (not that you will always get the right result. It seems unusual for any retailer to advertise that you can’t negotiate, though many will advertise they accept buyers who lack good credit.

Still it shows that they are selling a premium product, which is presumably why it is on their website.

If you are looking for a vehicle which oozes style you require something like a Shooting Brake, SUV, Cabriolet or a Coupe.

But what exactly is a Shooting Brake?

The brake in the Shooting Brake isn’t a brake pedal but derives from an earlier form of brake used by horse-drawn vehicles when the chassis were used to stop the horses. It’s immediately clear how it is linked to this Mercedes specifically, but it does evoke an older style of vehicle and creates a feeling of individuality.

Shooting Brake

The name is used to distinguish Volvos and Scimitars from hatchbacks and wagons. A shooting-brake is a sleeker car than the run of the mill sedan and is more iconic in style. Unlike the sedan it’s not a family car, being a two-door vehicle but more of a car for the single man or for man about town.

Although Coupes tend to be two-door, Mercedes Coupes have four doors. In addition, it has a sloping roof. The Cabriolet is the one with a roof that folds up.

For space you need to look at vehicles such an Estate or MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). If you are looking for both space and style you should look for something like an SUV. If you require a family car look towards a sedan or a hatchback. It all depends on what you want from your vehicle—which is why you should employ a guide to help your search.

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