Water-powered Cars

By Andy Bunch

When it comes to running a car on alternate fuel sources, one of the biggest issues is infrastructure. If it takes a nationwide network of fueling stations to make the car practical, then it’s not likely to happen quickly. Electric cars are no exception, largely because they require a special plug-in. However, since electricity is readily available everywhere it’s not an impossible hurtle to leap.

Another likely fuel source is water. Water is everywhere and even easier and safer to work with than regular unleaded or deasil. Or so you would think. But before we talk about the danger of water as fuel lets address the elephant in the room, how does one use water as fuel?

Water as Fuel!

H2O is the stable substance created by combining two highly flammable gases, which we commonly use to put out fires. Don’t blame me, it’s chemistry. Much like we can combine two poisons Sodium and Chloride into NACL and get ordinary table salt, we can take tap water apart and burn the hydrogen part of it. The only exhaust is water vapor which is generally accepted as environmentally okay.

Now to the potentially bad news. The process takes electricity and enough of it that we don’t really come out with a net savings of energy over harvesting fossil fuels. The other challenge is that you need to compress, or enrich, the hydrogen in order to turn it into a practical fuel. Do this too much and you get a highly radioactive gas.

To quote ourselves There are “two basic approaches to fueling a car with water. One is two split hydrogen out of the water using super-efficient nanotechnology to get as close to frictionless energy transfer as possible without breaking Newtonian physics, and the other is to toss out Newton and Einstein and use ninja techniques from Nikola Tesla’s mad years when he claimed frictionless forms of electricity exist.”

As you might guess the government isn’t happy to have one of those groups experimenting with a substance that could turn into something radioactive.

The Uphill Battle to Fuel Cars on Water

However, there is another reasonable explanation for the fact that we’re not all driving around in water powered cars. The fuel industry is powerful and rich. As an element of international relations, the world reserve currency is the Petro dollar—which means the US buying oil from nations that would probably rather destroy the US provides stability. So, there is a lot of push to avoid widespread use of alternative fuels.

In this best of the web our crack staff has gathered some great articles about the international efforts to create a water-powered car. To make it less serious we’ve embedded so cool videos.

Starting with the most noteworthy efforts of a swiss company to do it the right way and turn super efficiency into a working Hydro-car.

Story Link

Next is a tiny welsh company that is trying to convert transportation on their small island into all water cars.

Story Link

Check out these cool videos of water-powered cars

Indian Homebrew Water Car

The animated history of water as fuel.

This Isreally car runs on electricity AND water.

On the controversial side of things…

…and let’s face it, that’s more fun, these two items are worth a gander. The first is the story of Stanly Meyer’s attempt to create a perpetual motion machine using water. He died tragically, perhaps suspiciously while meeting with foreign investors. It’s worth looking into…

A Chinese auto company has recently made claims about hydrogen fuels cells, which the government of China has been rather quiet about. Either they were wrong and that’s why the silence…or they were right and that’s why the silence…

For a rather lengthy but super interesting dig into the topic of water-powered cars you can’t miss this post on medium. We’d have led with it, but you need to pay to read medium so not everyone will find this article helpful.

Other Research:

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