Optimizing Car Sales

Although we associate optimising with virtual car sales even brick-and-mortar sellers need an online presence as most customers browse the websites – where else? – before braving the dealership floor in person. The average customer only physically visits two dealerships before making a decision.

It confuses the issue of you are selling a range of used cars as it’s hard to find the right keywords. Then you’ve the added complication as many sites also have to handle warranty work and various repairs, you might also have to cope with more than one location.

One option is have more than one website, one for new vehicles, one for used and one for services. You can alter the theme (color, pictures, etc) to optimize results. Remember to optimize the images, optimize your specific location and so on.

People rely on reviews, now more than ever. You’re priority is to get lots of good reviews, but how and what makes a good review. A customer that receives terrible service is way more likely to leave a review that one that is pleased with their treatment. The most popular review sites are Yelp and Google. Both sites have strict policies against trying to influence reviews but of the two, at Google will hear an appeal over a bad review. Yelp really never takes down a bad review, so avoid sending anyone there if possible. Also, be aware that a good review is a bad review. No one wants to come to a dealership and get treated okay. They want exceptional service. So, unless the reviews are brilliant, they won’t help you.

The first expert to higher is an SEO, or search engine optimization specialist. Get them to review your website and help you reconstruct it so that Google web crawlers can see it. The good news is that people are searching for your service. The bad news is that only the first few results will be seen. You need to show up at the top of the list.

Next expand your visibility by hiring social media marketers to put your products in front of customers who are most likely to look for your type of vehicle. The way to go might be video, get your best customers to make a video of them driving their prized vehicle.

When hiring an online marketer, the key is finding one who can optimize your campaign. Anyone can run an ad campaign, but you need one who will find a tight knit ad group and keywords to appeal to them. By using ad extensions, you can get the customer to the right landing page. Your campaign needs to include the ability to obtain vital info, such as what car they are looking for, even if they search something like “family car.”

If you don’t want irrelevant searches you can add negative keywords. You don’t need to concentrate just at Google, look at other search engines and social networks. It could be better to dominate Bing than to rank mid-range on Google

Key words aren’t rocket science but there is an art to it. It’s important not to look at anything too obvious like “New Toyota,” “Toyota Exchange” could be more useful.

Look for trends-when do people tend to buy cars? Look to at the targeting options. Some people are looking for company cars.

Look at unique offers, a discount for new buyers and free oil changes. Look too at all the call features, your marketing professional can get you. Where are your calls coming in from?

Keep your customers engaged. Send texts with service and maintenance tips. Re-engage past clients based on purchases and family size, write personal emails with promotions to their specific needs.

On your website all pages should be optimized. It’s advisable to look at how to present your cars virtually. Make sure you buy adwords that target your location.

Bottom line, you can drive yourself nuts trying to market online, or you can hire a pro.

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