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There are many types of vans, but it can be differentiated into small, medium and large vans, pickups, tippers, combis and minibuses. It comes down to how much space is required and whether you need load space or passenger space. Although coolness is not the first thing you think about with vans, some of them do indeed give a certain sparkle to your business or allow a strong vehicle for your large brood.

Citroen Berlingo

Small vans have a short wheelbase, an example is the Citroen Berlingo. The medium vans tend to more popular, like the Ford Transit. Large vans have, not unsurprisingly, a large wheelbase such as the Merc Sprinter.

The pickups may also be called trucks, they either have a two- or four-wheel drive. A tipper is a certain type of pickup which allows the content to be spilled or “tipped out.” (US we call them dump trucks).

Combi Van

Combi vans are designed to be multi-purpose, whether transporting cargo or people. Lastly the Minibus or MPV sometimes the seats can be removed as with the smaller models.

The Chevrolet Express, a full-size van is for a maximum of eight people and has a standard trim. Note too the cloth bench seats and the manual air conditioning. The platform shape is similar to the GMC Savana. In 2003 Cargo doors were added “to the mix”; in 2004 electronic stability control (also called StabilTrak).

The stability control improves the stability of the vehicle by detecting when the traction is lost-meaning that the brake has been applied. This can be fixed by oversteering or understeering and as a result reduces fatal accidents.

The Honda Odyssey can be described as roomy, whether we’re talking about cabin or cargo. To switch to cargo though you will need to remove the second row of seats. With a powerful V6 engine of 280 horsepower along with a 10 speed automatic transmission, and as far as the 2021 version is concerned an enhanced exterior and interior.

A special feature of the Odyssey is an in-cabin PA allowing everyone to hear the driver, even up to third row. In sorting out the aerodynamics the latest model has an interior which has shrunk slightly, but can still fit eight people in the back, so no great loss here.

Kia Sedona has many tech features but is not as big as the Honda. It has seating for eight. The miles per gallon may not however be as good as its rivals, but it has a comfortable, stylish interior, according to reviews. Its sales website speaks of a “stylish cockpit,” by which the mean bucket seats. But there’s not that much difference between the front and the back in terms of design.

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect offers more than the usual Ford Transit, having a whoshy four-cylinder engine and is designed to maneuver through large scale traffic. There are a few driver-assists here too. However, if you were a fan of the bright orange seatbelts there is bad news; these no longer feature in the 2020 model. Maybe you can live without them?

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