The Pearl Harbor Buick

What makes a car collectable? The condition it’s in? No, that effects the value up or down, but lots of cars are in great shape. Another possibility is that you know the provenance of the car–who owned it in the past. Sometimes a car was owned by someone famous and that makes it collectable, but there’s one more key factor.

It often starts with the actual original cost of the car, but that’s sort of a side effect. The real reason a car becomes collectable is that it’s rare. A high priced car means fewer sold which is the first element of making it rare. Another reason a car could be rare is that it’s old. A lot of that car were sold, but not many of them remain. (Cars owned by famous people is another example of rarity.

But one of the best ways a car becomes rare, and collectable, is that it has a great story, and few cars have better stories than the Pearl Harbor Buick.

Original Owner:

According to the Roanoke Times, this particular Buick, a 1939 Buick Special Convertible Coupe 46C with Dynaflash 8, was owned by DeForest “Dee” Venter. Dee was a sailor from Connecticut who went to Pearl and brought the car with him.

Pear Harbor Day:

When Japanese surprise attack hit the US fleet stationed in the Harbor in 1941 killing more than 2,400 people, and destroying Millions of dollars of property and vehicles. The Pearl Harbor Buick sat on the street through the bombing without receiving a scratch.


When Dee and a his buddy, George Bullard, went to sea, the Buick went to Georges wife, Mary. Mary Bullard kept the car for 30 years and then sold it to her cousin, A.C. Wilson. A.C. proudly drove the car in parades.

Where is the Buick Now:

A.C. finally decided to sell and put the car at auction. Tom Beasley of Stuart, Virginia, won the car for a mere $73,700. No word yet if Beasley will display the car, or keep it in his private collection.

Note: We at the Kicker proudly support our Active Military Servicemen and women as well as our veterans who fought so bravely for our freedom. Our sponsor,, is veteran owned and employs as many veterans as possible. We wish all of you the best this Pearl Harbor Day.

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