Virtual Car Shows for the 2020 Season

With the onset of the pandemic, all in-person, large events have been postponed or cancelled. As upsetting as this is, there are alternatives to these large events. Most companies and businesses have transferred their events to the internet so that people all over the world can still attend, in a way.

If you are a regular at car shows in your area, you are in luck this season. Some of the biggest car shows this year have modified their events to be online. While this may seem like a bummer, it is actually quite a positive. Having these great car shows online gives you the chance to visit shows out of your area that you normally would have to travel many miles to go to. Another perk is that if you missed these events you can still take in a lot of the action even if its less excited recorded than live. We’ll do our best to update this list when the 2021 event calendars are announced, but these links should take you to the 2021 event as soon as those are announced.

Good Guys Rod and Custom Association

The first virtual car show on our list is from the Good Guys Rod and Custom Association. This show, that typically takes place in Pleasanton, California, features categories for hot rods, tricked out trucks, and muscle cars, among others. This association has multiple virtual car shows on different days, so make sure to check the events calendar when you get to their website.  These events also have a schedule of events, so if you aren’t interested in watching the entire car show, you can log in for the categories that you want to see.

NASCAR Ford Performance: Virtual Speedway

The NASCAR Ford Performance Virtual Speedway is a virtual performance car show. This show is sponsored by NASCAR and focuses on Ford vehicles. This virtual car show is a playlist of YouTube videos that showcase different aspects of different Ford vehicles. This is a great virtual car show for someone that wants to see cars actually driving as opposed to cars sitting still. This playlist has the ability to keep you occupied for a long time. It consists of almost 200 video clips for you to enjoy.

Gilmore Car Museum: Hickory Corners, Michigan

The Gilmore Car Museum, located in Hickory Corners, Michigan, was established in the 1960s.  It began as a private collection of vintage vehicles by Donald S. Gilmore and grew into a larger collection as he continued to acquire cars. Eventually, his collection was so vast, he had to purchase 90 acres of land in Michigan to accommodate it. Eventually, Gilmore and his wife decided to turn his collection into a museum that opened to the public in 1966. This year, the Gilmore Car Museum decided to create a virtual overview of all their vintage cars for you to peruse. This is a great opportunity to see a quality vintage collection for free.

The Petersen Museum’s Global Cars & Coffee Show

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California has hosted a free Cars and Coffee event once a month for the past eight years. When COVID-19 hit, the museum did not want to cancel their long-standing tradition. Holding this event virtually has allowed the Petersen Museum to host cars from all over the world in their virtual show. Those who wish to participate submit a video of their car where they explain the key features and history of their vehicle. These virtual shows are still happening once a month online.  heck the Museum’s website for the date and time of their latest show.

Dub Magazine: Dub Show Worldwide

Dub Magazine is another car show that has taken their operation virtual due to COVID-19. Their virtual car show Dub Show Worldwide takes submissions in multiple different categories. Browse vehicles in categories like Lifted Jeeps, Lowriders, and Motorcycles. Each vehicle in their virtual event has a place where it can be liked by those who visit the show. At the end of a certain period of time, likes are tallied, and the vehicle with the most likes in each category is placed in their winners’ circle.

If you are a car enthusiast, you don’t have to miss out completely on car shows for the 2020 season. In fact, since submissions are easier, attending virtual events could give you exposure to more cars from all over the world. If the events listed above aren’t what you have in mind and you’d like a closer look at the cars, there is an alternative. Some virtual car shows are just picture images from multiple angles of the cars so that you can zoom in and really see the details of each car closely.

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